Padgate and Woolston Walking Day

This years' event took place on Saturday the 25th June 2022.


A short piece on the return of the event can be found on the Warrington Guardian website here.


Through communication with Mrs Lea, school headteacher, she mentioned only two things that the school needs help with: that the parish is able provide at least two Stewards, and any financial assistance that we could offer to provide flowers and the cost of hiring the band. Currently, these costs would have to be met entirely from the PPTA funds but would therefore have a detrimental, knock-on, effect on what could be provided for the children at St Peter's school over the coming year.


Fr Gildea has agreed to having a collection box at the back of church, after weekend masses, for parishioners to make any donation that they are able to make to help us meet these costs without damaging our other school commitments.


If you are able, please make your donations to one of our stewards at the back of church, or in the collection box in the church porch which will be easily identifiable. We do understand the additional pressure this puts us all under, but it will be greatly appreciated if you can help.


With regards to the stewarding requirements, we already have two stewards but would like a few more as it's quite a job, so it would be good to have as many volunteers as we can muster, to steward the procession. Please give your name to the stewards in church or send an email to the parish email address in the side panel to the right.


Finally, Walking Day is a celebration of Christian Witness. As you can see from the photograph from a previous walking day, the event is an event for the parish and not just the school and we really need to ask as many parishioners as possible to join in the actual walk so it would be very special if we could re-introduce the event this year with people of the parish walking behind the school in a show of togetherness and faith.


Participants need to form up by 14.15 with the procession commencing at 14.30. The combined Clergy from the respective Churches will lead the procession and SS Peter and Michael and St. Peter's School  will be number 5. The assembly point for the Parish and School is Padgate Community Centre car park on Station Road. Anyone travelling by Car should be aware that there are a limited number of car parking spaces and that local road closures will be in place probably from around 13.30.


Many thanks in advance for all your help.


Walking Day 2022


Walking Day was almost spoiled, but eventually, the heavy rain came and went and allowed the biggest crowd in recent history to enjoy the return of the Walk.


School Headmistress, Mrs Lea, sent a message with her thanks for everyone's help with the statue and the banner in preparation for the event and especially for the financial contribution which helped to offset the cost of both the flowers and the band on the day.


Roll on 2023!