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Catholic Bishop's Conference

The website for the Catholic Bishop's Conference of England and Wales can be found by clicking on the image alongside. It provides up to date information on news, commentary and events.


Oasis of Silence Retreats

St Hilda's Priory, Whitby, North Yorkshire, are hosting a contemplative retreat programme called Oasis of Silence. 


"The Oasis of Silence programme at St. Hilda´s Priory offers space and stillness to seek God with loving awareness in the present moment. It offers a variety of opportunities to make retreats of different lengths in a peaceful and welcoming environment, away from our busy everyday lives. It is for everyone seeking stillness and silence and who is interested in getting to know or to deepening the practice of contemplative prayer."


They are offering 4 day or 10 day courses, and a course over Lent. For more information, see the leaflet attached below.

World Communications Day 2023

Please find below a copy of the Catholic Bishops of England and Wales message about World Communications Day which this year is on Sunday 21st May.

Prayer card for the coronation of King Charles


The Bishops’ Conference have prepared a prayer card for the coronation of King Charles III, it can be viewed and downloaded here: https://www.cbcew.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2023/04/prayer-card-Coronation-of-King-Charles-V2.pdf or via the embedded page shown below.



Information from the Conference of Catholic Bishops of England and Wales.


The Bishops recognise the complexity of the causes, both short and long-term, that bring about the crisis now affecting so many. 


A briefing paper from the Bishops' Conference Department for Social Justice on the cost of living crisis. The briefing looks at the current context and invites a response based on the key principles of Catholic Social Teaching. The briefing can be read here.

HM Queen Elizabeth II


The Bishops' Conference  have a prayers and psalms on their website: Prayers for the Repose of the Soul of HM Queen Elizabeth II - Catholic Bishops' Conference (cbcew.org.uk)


In Memoriam

In her official role as ‘Defender of the Faith and Supreme Governor of the Church of England’, the Queen, through her words and actions, always showed herself to be a woman of a deep Christian faith.


Throughout her reign Queen Elizabeth II also ensured a relationship of mutual respect between the Church of England and the Catholic Church. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was an extraordinary woman who will not be forgotten by her people. May she rest in peace.


Bishop Egan

Evangelii Gaudium (Home Mission): Sunday, 18 September 2022

The Third Sunday in September, formerly called Home Mission Sunday, is now Evangelii Gaudium Sunday.

Named after Pope Francis’ first (solo) Apostolic Exhortation on the Joy of the Gospel, the day offers the Catholic community in England and Wales the opportunity to celebrate the beauty of our faith and our commitment to witness to the fullness of life in Christ. Fr Jan Nowotnik, Director of Mission at the Bishops’ Conference, tells us more about the day (below) and how you can support this important work. Evangelii Gaudium Sunday will be celebrated in Catholic parishes throughout England and Wales on Sunday, 18 September 2022.

Marriage Law Changes

In April 2022 Parliament passed legislation (Marriage and Civil Partnership (Minimum Age) Act 2022) declaring that Marriage and Civil Partnerships for those under 18 years of age is unlawful.  However, the Act requires Regulations to put that ban into effect. Those regulations have not been published yet, and there is no indication when they will be. It is strongly advised that clergy do not organise Marriages for under 18’s in case they fall foul of the law on the wedding day. Explanatory notes are attached for information.