St. Bernadette Relic Tour 2022

Update 31 August 2022


There are a limited number of seats still available on the bus. If you are interested please phone Celia Baxter on 01925 630127 for further details if you wish to attend.

Update 14th August 2022


St. Joseph's are running a bus to Liverpool Cathedral on Monday 19th September to view the relics of St. Bernadette. Father Dave has advised that, as St. Joseph's may have room on their bus, we should gauge the level of interest around the parishes to see if we can fill the bus. If the numbers warrant it, another coach, or coaches, may be hired. It has been decided that the best day to go would be the Monday 19th. The coach/coaches would depart at about 11:00, picking up at various points (pick up points and times to be advised depending on interest levels). There will be a mass at the Cathedral at 12:15, and it is envisaged that we would be back in Warrington mid afternoon. We need to gauge the level of interest and to give Father Dave the numbers from each parish later this week so that decisions can be made on coach requirements, or whether the one coach from St. Joseph's will be enough. 


Volunteers Needed

Lots of volunteers are needed for the visit of the relics of St Bernadette to the Cathedral in September. If you are willing and able to play some part in this historic visit, please send an email to 


and note in the email your availability between Saturday 17 September – Monday 20 September. Please also note that a meeting for all volunteers has been set for Wednesday September 7th at 7.p.m in the Cathedral.


Please let us know before next weekend if you would like to join the bus by contacting Deacon Jim McGraw. Thank you.

Encountering the Relics of St Bernadette

In September and October this year, the relics of St Bernadette will journey on pilgrimage to England, Scotland, and Wales for the very first time. This very special once in a lifetime event will provide an opportunity for people of all ages and backgrounds to experience the special gifts and charisms of Lourdes, in a church or cathedral near them.


All information on the tour and the dates can be found by going to the St. Bernadette website here. Below, there is a view of the local North West of England tour dates and, as you can see, the relics of St Bernadette will be in our archdiocese between 15-20 September visiting St Mary’s Chorley, the Anglican Cathedral and the Metropolitan Cathedral. There will be Masses, anointing of the sick, confessions and torchlight processions during this time.

Full details of the timetable, how to register and book a place can be found on the website, the link to which is above.

Watch Archbishop Malcom talk about the relics below.