Visit to Thicket Priory November 2023

Thicket Priory 

Our trip to the Priory took place on Saturday 4th November. Our day was wonderful, we received a warm welcome from the Sisters. It was a privilege for us to share time with them.


We joined them for Midday prayers, Fr.Mark celebrated Mass, we prayed for you all and those on our Pious List.


Here is a short summary of the visit provided by one of our parishioners who attended.


My thoughts on our visit to Thicket Priory - A Parishioner

"On Saturday I had the most wonderful opportunity to visit Thicket Priory with my fellow parishioners. 


Words fail to truly capture the depth of my spiritual experience, the profound peace that enveloped me throughout the day. From the moment we arrived I sensed a serene tranquil atmosphere that seemed to wash away all my worldly worries. The air was filled with a palpable sense of devotion, an overwhelming aura of tranquility.


The Sisters exuded love for God and a deep commitment to their vocation. Witnessing their unwavering faith and dedication was truly inspiring. It served as a powerful reminder of the beauty of surrendering oneself to God.


Leaving, I carried with me a renewed sense of joy,  a desire to cultivate a deeper relationship with God.


Overall my visit was a transforming experience." 


We think it says it all ...