With Love, Steph


The Stephanie Jeanne Glynn Foundation (CIO)


For Children & Children's Charities

Registered Charity No: 1197871




The Stephanie Glynn Foundation was created by her husband and close family members, named in honour of, and as a legacy to, Steph after she tragically died from a brain tumour in January 2021.


Steph adored children and likewise, they doted on her. It had always been a dream to raise children of her own. In Steph's name, the charity will help children who are less fortunate than others.  Like Steph herself, the charity will be a force for good and one that has a positive impact on young people, helping them to try and enjoy life to the full, the way that she always did.


The foundation will make grants to other charities or charitable projects that are focused on helping babies, children or young people under the age of 29 and with a particular focus on:


  • Improving child patient care, experience and environment
  • Funding research into better treatment for childhood cancers and other diseases
  • Support for children suffering from extreme financial hardship, especially those whose situation may be compounded by ill health
  • Education and training for children to pursue their goals, in particular those held back by financial hardship


Please get in touch if you can help.