Synodality 101: Conversations in the Spirit

A series of online Workshops - Wednesdays 17, 24 April and 1 May.


The School for Synodality will be running a course of online evening workshops to help people experience, facilitate and lead conversations in the spirit to help our Church embed this synodal practice at the local level. The series will introduce the principles of holding prayerful, truthful and safe conversations which value gracious listening and courageous speaking.


Each of the three sessions will balance input and sharing with the opportunity to be a part of a spiritual conversation, learning together through experience. Between the second and third week, you will also be encouraged and supported to hold your own conversations within your own communities, where you will then be invited to share your experience with the workshop group.


“The small group spiritual conversations were really enriching - both from the perspective of practicing the skills, but also from the experience of having a spiritual conversation with people we wouldn’t otherwise ordinarily connect with.”


The series is suitable for all levels of experience, including those not involved in the Synod process so far. After attending these workshops, we hope you will have all the resources you need to hold conversations in the Spirit in your community.


The sessions will be held over three evenings on Zoom, starting onWednesday 17 April, continuing the two following Wednesday evenings (24 April and 1 May). Please note: to get the full benefit of the workshops you will need to attend all three workshop sessions.

For more info and sign-up: