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Minnie Vinnies

The SVP are looking for volunteers willing to help children put their faith into action. Could this be you?  The St Vincent de Paul Society have primary school groups called Mini Vinnies, and volunteers would support teachers or youth leaders wishing to start a group in their school or parish. They will talk to children about how they can make a difference to those living in poverty and share resources to support the group. The role is flexible but does need people with some availability during school hours (at least 2 mornings or afternoons per month) who are willing to travel within the diocese (all costs are covered). If you are passionate about helping children discover how they can make a difference in their communities, please email Sarah for more information on  You do not have to have previous experience of working with children as all training will be given.

Our next initial training day is on Tuesday 27th February 2024.

Update 16-02-2023


SVP (St Vincent de Paul Members and Volunteers) Important information for ALL SVP volunteers 


This is a reminder of the process for DBS applications for SVP members within the Archdiocese of Liverpool, as there seems to have been some confusion recently as to who processes applications for volunteers of SVP. As our parish SVP groups are affiliated with the Archdiocese of Liverpool they must follow the DBS processes of the diocese, safer recruitment processes such as references and volunteer agreements will be completed by the SVP national office or the local conference representative.  All volunteers must undergo a DBS application or DBS recheck with the safeguarding section in order to volunteer with SVP groups within the boundaries of the Archdiocese of Liverpool, these applications can be facilitated by the local parish safeguarding representative as normal.


If volunteers do not complete the process with the Archdiocese of Liverpool safeguarding section and undergo a DBS application or DBS recheck via SVP national office using Ucheck they will still be required to undergo a DBS application or recheck via the safeguarding section at the Archdiocese of Liverpool in order to take up role with parish groups. 


The Archdiocese of Liverpool have worked closely with SVP national office and their safeguarding lead Catherine Kerr for many years and the process for SVP applications has not changed. The process remains that all applications must go through the Liverpool safeguarding section via the local parish rep, if this procedure is not followed and you are processed via the SVP national office you may not be allowed to take up role with any parish groups until an application is processed via the Archdiocese of Liverpool.


We would like to make you aware there are no reasons why DBS applications would not be processed as soon as we receive them, and applications do not need to be sent to SVP national office rather than the safeguarding section of the Archdiocese of Liverpool. When an application is completed by the applicant, countersigned by the diocese and sent to DBS, the application can take anywhere between 1 day and 3 months to complete, this timescale is the same for ALL organisations sending applications to the Disclosure & Barring Service. 


Can you please ensure this information is passed to all parish safeguarding representatives, SVP group leaders and volunteers. 


Any queries relating to this matter can be directed to Claire Newton Safeguarding Support Officer

For nearly two centuries the St Vincent de Paul Society (SVP) has been seeking and finding those in need and responding in love. Today, the SVP in England and Wales represents almost 10,000 members across around 1,000 groups. It is rare for one corner of the SVP to encounter a need which has not also been seen and responded to by our members.


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This autumn, you can take part in a range of free online taster sessions, including: ‘community formation’, ‘support with fuel poverty’, ‘end of life companionship’, ’offender care’, ‘care for young families’, and ‘support for refugees and migrants’. (and there are associated practitioners conference, evaluation and academic papers which sit alongside the training programme)


To discover more: or email your interest to


If you are aware of a need in the parish, please contact us at