Your Wedding

Times of Services

Weddings are usually held on Saturdays but other days (not Sundays) are available for your celebration. On Saturdays the times available are from XXXXX.



There are no fees for the Wedding service, however a donation to the church is usual. There is a fee (currently £86) payable to the registrar or the registrar's authorised person, on the wedding day itself.


For couples who require the preparation service of the parish priest for their marriage taking place elsewhere, there is no specific fee.


Fees for the organist or any other musicians, are are normally dealt directly with the relevant musician.



We recommend that the wedding rehearsal takes place well in advance of the day of the Service. Only those directly involved in the ceremony are required to attend, e.g. the father of the bride, best man, bridesmaid(s) and readers but others are welcome.


The Wedding Ceremony

You are invited to plan your wedding ceremony with Fr. Gildea. You may choose the Scripture Readings, compile the Intercessions and select the hymns and music for your ceremony. We will be glad to help you to do this.


Order of Service

You do not have to go to the expense of producing an Order of Service. However, if you require one, we have many examples of what people have done in the past and we are happy to share these with you.


The Catholic Church requires that music during the wedding ceremony should express the faith of the Church about marriage and be appropriate to the celebration. You are welcome to choose the music and hymns for your ceremony but we recommend that you do so in consultation.



You are welcome to engage a florist or flower arrangers of your choice.