The Mariposa Trust

The Mariposa Trust’s core objective is to support people who have lost babies at any stage of pregnancy, at birth, or in infancy. It was founded in 2012, by Zoe and Andy Clark-Coates, who saw a critical lack of support for people like them, who had gone through baby loss. With over 258,000 babies being lost yearly in the UK alone, the charity needed to be able to offer not only a comprehensive package of befriending and support but also national baby loss remembrance services (called Saying Goodbye Services), for people to join together and remember the children they had lost. 5 years on, over 150 services have taken place at Cathedrals and Minsters across the UK, US, and France, and 2023 will see 21 services across England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

As mentioned above, the Saying Goodbye Services are there for anyone who has either personally lost a baby at any stage of pregnancy, at birth, or in early years, or who has been affected by family members' or friends' loss.  Whether the loss was recent or 80 years ago, everyone is welcome to attend. We have also extended the services, and gladly welcome anyone who is grieving the fact that they haven't had children. This may be due to circumstance, infertility, or for other reasons - but all are welcome. Babies and children are also invited to come with their families, as the Saying Goodbye service is truly a family event for all.

One of this years 21 services will be held Manchester, so on the 22nd October 2023 at 2.30pm, in Manchester Cathedral, Manchester Saying Goodbye will be hosting one of its  Services and this is the most local service to us here in Woolston. If you are interested in this event or in the charity itself, you can check details on the picture alongside or you can get a lot more information on the Mariposa Trust and its six charities by clicking on the butterfly image at the top of this page.