Thoughts from Home and Abroad

Originally, this page was provided as a mechanism for people living away from our parish to be able to send thoughts, prayers and maybe even just general points of interest. We have decided to extend the reach and provide a single channel for  all of us to be able to send photos, stories, concerns, advice or just general information which we can publish on this page of the website for us all to enjoy ... even ideas on website changes / things to include / original ideas.


To join the conversation, please contact us via our email address alongside and allow us to publish stories and pictures on this site. We will leave them on for a period of between two and four weeks, which will help to keep the site fresh and therefore it will always be a reason to surf the site.


Don't be shy! Enter your comments below.

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    Alice Froggatt (Sunday, 18 June 2023 19:19)

    Happy heavenly Fathers Day zafar Gildea! Hope you are still praying for us! Xxx❤❤❤�����⚘�����