Thank you for visiting our web site. We are a Roman Catholic parish belonging to the Diocese of Liverpool and we are part of the Warrington Deanery.


PLEASE NOTE: The "COVID-19" has been replaced by "EVENTS". You will still find everything in the same place.   

For information on Standing Orders or making a Donation to our Church please check out "NOTICES".

On Monday 27th July Arthur Wilkinson was laid to rest. His family have shared his Eulogy with us to share with you. 


For many of us, you will of grown up with Arthur in our Parish and he has been a constant source of stories, jokes and positivity.

This Eulogy truly tells of the man we all loved and respected. 

Remember if you are coming to Mass the NEW Mass times are 11am Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday and 7:30pm Thursday!
  • Church will only be open 15 minutes before the start of Mass!
  • You will need a Facemask! You will not be allowed into Church without one.
  • Remember you will of needed to collect a ticket for Mass, which you pick up from the Church Garden on Wednesday 6:30-7:30pm!

Check out the notices below to read up on the changes and rules everyone will be expected to follow!


Making a donation to the Church using a Standing Order

Thank you to all of you who donate to our parish and have contributed to our weekly collection plates.

During the lockdown, I’m sure many of you have been concerned, amongst other things, about the build up of collection envelopes over that period, or not being able to contribute to the Parish’s weekly plate collections.

Like most organisations, St Peter’s needs an income in order to operate on a week to week basis.  The steady flow of funds provided through the Standing Order system has brought some money into the parish each month.  Thank you to those currently donating through Standing Orders.

Maybe, in the light of what has happened, over the last few months, you now wish to consider/reconsider taking out a Standing Order, which will make things a lot easier for yourself, along with moving more of our collections on to a cashless system. 


If you wish to go down the Standing Order route, all you need to do is complete a Standing Order Authority. If you would like to do so please click here or visit our Notices page, where you will find all the information for details on how to set up a Standing Order.

Thank you for your support.

Tony Wright

Treasurer SPAM


Re-opening of St. Peter’s for Mass

The times of mass will be changing and as the number able to attend is limited, you will need a ticket to attend (including children).  

Tickets for the following Saturday to Thursday can be picked up each week on a Wednesday evening between 6.30 – 7.30 pm from the pavilion in the church garden.  When you pick up tickets you will be required to provide a contact number for each ticket issued.

·      Volunteer stewards will show you to your seat so we can ensure social distancing.

It is appreciated that these changes may be difficult but we have to protect our priest, parishioners and the wider community. 


Click the image to check out the photos from across the years at St Peters!

Our Creative Community 

We want to see your creative projects from home DIY to your new crafty creations!

Our Songs

We have gathered some songs that help us pray and relax.

Come and take a look or share your own song!


Our doors open to more children!

St Peter's Catholic Primary School has been open throughout the lockdown for children of key workers,  vulnerable children and those with EHAC plans.  The Local Authority decided to bring back Foundation Stage and Year 1 pupils to school, to finish the year from June 15th! Year 6 children will be in school for a week from 13th July for celebration, goodbyes and transition to high school. Years 2-5 will each have a day in school week beginning 20th July to say goodbye to current teacher and meet their new teacher for September.

They are back into the swing of things by getting stuck into their Math's, Phonics, Writing and exploring!

The wonderful staff are doing a fantastic job of looking after all the children in their care and should be celebrated!

They have also added to our Creative Communities page which you can take a look at by clicking the button above!

Check out their video's and have a look at what your amazing school has been up to! 

 Wisdom in a Crisis 

A collection  of 20 videos ( 2- 10 mins)  to do with the pandemic  given by the team headed up by Fr Richard Rohr at the Centre for Action and Contemplation based in New Mexico. The link is for video  No 1 .Others that are easy to watch are 15 and 18 


While we are not able to hold physical collections in our church, you can donate as individuals at

or in an envelope through  Presbytery letter box marked for Cafod corona virus appeal.

CAFOD launched its coronavirus emergency appeal on 30 April. 

The effects of coronavirus on developing countries where CAFOD works are likely to be devastating. Families without enough to eat and without access to clean water and healthcare are particularly vulnerable to coronavirus. The poorest and most marginalised communities will be pushed further into poverty. Your prayers and gifts are needed now more than ever to help protect the lives of those in poor communities.

SS Peter and Michael, Weir Lane, Woolston, Warrington, Cheshire WA1 4QQ