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To help us during these difficult times we have put together some sources of information about streaming of mass, videos of masses said, readings

and prayer resources.  There are a few which have been tried by members of the parish in NOTICES AND EVENTS - tab on the left of this page.



Welcome to the parish of St Peter and St Michael. Thank you for visiting our web site. We are a Roman Catholic parish belonging to the Diocese of Liverpool and we are part of the Warrington Deanery.

We are an active and open community with an outstanding primary school and ecumenical links.

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Holy Thursday: Washing of the feet


9th April 2020  Today is Holy Thursday.  


I  will be saying THE MASS OF THE LAST SUPPER at 8.00pm tonight.  If you don’t have time to watch the Mass streaming on the Liverpool Archdiocesan web site then may I suggest that as a family you read the gospel of the day together; it relates how, before the meal, Jesus washed the feet of the apostles and then during the meal he instituted the Eucharist  and gave himself to us in Holy Communion.

It is Thursday so at 8.00pm we will all go to our front gates to clap in appreciation all the health worker in the NHS.


Jesus washed the feet of the apostles  -  WHY.  To make sure the apostles and ourselves truly understood  what he was all about and why he had to die.  Love, respect, and appreciation of all people; that is Christ’s message  To do that you will have to serve and sacrifice.  The corona virus has brought that out of people.  The doctors nurses and ancillary staff have been the prime example of concern for others even to sacrificing their own lives in the bid to save others.  When this crisis is over let us pray that that concern for others will remain in society and be practised by rich and poor alike.





Holy Thursday Corona virus

Tomorrow is Holy Thursday when we remember the Last Supper.  Christ washed the feet of the Apostles, gave himself to us in Holy Communion and underwent his agony in the Garden.

Today I want you to concentrate on his agony in the Garden.

Jesus, at 33, knew his life was to end and he was scared stiff of the horrific and pain filled way that it was going to happen.  Further more he knew that he couldn’t rely on his close friends. Judas was going to betray him, Peter was going to deny he even knew him and the rest were going to run away.  He was alone.  No wonder he threw himself on the ground and sweated blood;  he was terrified:  the fear of being alone was almost as bad as the physical suffering itself. – He didn’t want this.  Then he remembered that God his Father was always with him – HE would  never desert him.  With this he was reassured and knew he could face the future.  God never asks us to do anything without giving us the strength to  do it.

With this corona virus we have had to self isolate.  Many will be lonely and the old and ill especially will be scared because they know they will be facing death if they catch it; and the fact that Boris Johnson, who seemed so healthy, is now in intensive care won’t reassure them.

Also, we must remember all those whose lives will be changed because they have lost their jobs or businesses.  We have uncounted something man can’t control.  We need God our Father. 




4th April 2020

Hello Everyone,

Greetings from St Peter’s!

Hope you are all keeping safe and well.

It is a difficult time for us all … many of us away from family and friends and for some -  work !

Let’s hope and pray that it will all soon be over and not too many lives lost.

I have been able to say Mass each day and have remembered you all during them. In particular I have thanked God for our wonderful, dedicated and brave NHS workers and ALL who work in our hospitals in so many capacities. It was wonderful to hear so many people clapping on Thursday night in appreciation of their work to end this terrible virus. May God reward them AND their families who share their worry and fear.


It is very quiet around the house but on occasions I have been able to shout “hello” to people over the fence. I have equally met many of you on my daily walks… important to keep up our physical health!  For those of you who can’t get out and about, I recommend stretching of leg/arm muscles with walking around the house / garden if possible. Thank’s to so many of you who have also rung me up or dropped a note in to check I am ok and, “Do I need any shopping ?”…. very kind of you all.

Father Gildea

Blessing of the Palms

This Sunday is PALM SUNDAY. I have blest our parish palms ( see photo ) and will leave them on my front doorstep if any of you are passing on Saturday / Sunday. I suggest you pick them up with gloves on and I recommend you wash them when you get home.


Palm Sunday 

 We have had a strange Lent this year.  You may have chosen to do some penance yourselves but you have had plenty of restrictions imposed on you because of the corona virus. Palm Sunday begins Holy Week when we consider the suffering and passion of Christ and understand that he did it out of love for us.  Many are usual busy or distracted at Easter but this year let us take advantage of our lock down to engage with Christ and what our Christian faith is all about.  As a family you could find on the internet the services for Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday and together follow them.  If that is too much for you why don’t you, as a family read the gospel and discus it between you and say a prayer together.

This Sunday we can think of the fickleness of humans who are capable of wanting to glorify and praise somebody one day and within a week want to vilify and destroy them.  Jesus’ experience of being loved and hated, of being welcomed and then rejected, provides us with the strength to endure the caprices and injustices of our own life.

Jesus on the donkey                        arriving in Jerusalem.

Father Gildea is saying daily Mass in private, until further notice. Mass intentions are listed on: Notices and Events page /         This weeks Masses.

Father Gildea prays regularly in             front of the Tabernacle

Father Gildea working from home. He is keeping in touch with parishioners, especially checking on those who are sick.

Father is painting the fence and keeping the garden tidy in readiness for Parish summer bbqs and teas on the lawn after Sunday morning Mass.


Father is confident that we will get through this unprecedented worldwide event, that we are all going through, so he is painting the garden benches ready for our first Parish barbecue  and tea and cakes on the lawn in the summer.


Social distancing! 


Due to the ongoing


coronovirus (COVID-19) situation


there will be no further Masses


at  St Peter's 


after Friday 20th March 2020


until further notice.








Thankyou to those giving by standing order. If parishioners don't give by standing order , please consider this. It would be helpful to sign up rather than giving cash during this unprecedented time. 


Any parishioners who would like to sign up to standing order, please phone Father Gildea and he will put a form for you on the presbytery step. 


Alternatively please consider posting the envelopes through the presbytery letter box weekly or monthly.


Many thanks for your continued support if you are able to.







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