Welcome to the St. Peter and St. Michael parish website. We are a Roman Catholic parish belonging to the Archdiocese of Liverpool and a part of the Warrington and Widnes Deanery. SS Peter and Michael is an open, friendly and generous catholic community in Woolston on the outskirts of Warrington. 


In the spirit of Pope Francis, Bishop of Rome, our parish is welcoming to all, so whether you are young, old, married, single or divorced, and whatever your gender or sexuality, 


there is a place for you in our parish


So, come on in, there's a seat waiting for you, and welcome to our home!

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Good Shepherd Sunday

In his pastoral message for Good Shepherd Sunday, the Chair of the National Office for Vocation, Archbishop Malcolm McMahon, has affirmed the value of being a good listener in order to hear God’s call to holiness.


“One of our modern problems is that our world is very noisy, and it is often difficult to hear our own voices and thoughts in the surrounding din, let alone the words of others,” he writes. “One situation that can occur is we find ourselves on set paths in life, and it is not easy to change direction even if we want to do just that. Commitment to our families and other responsibilities block our ears and we just carry on as before.”


Good Shepherd Sunday is the day chosen for ‘Vocations Sunday’ and is celebrated this year on Sunday, 21 April.


Saint John Henry Newman teaches that God has a definite purpose for each and every one of us, but Archbishop McMahon is keen to highlight the huge value of priests, nuns and monks to the Church:

“There is no doubt that the church needs priests to celebrate the Eucharist and other sacraments, and Religious to offer a living witness to the values of the Kingdom of God. Without them, we would be a very impoverished Church.”


But how can we work out whether God is calling us to a particular vocation? The Archbishop of Liverpool suggests women and men should ask whether their vocational journey is likely to bring them contentment:

“One simple test is whether following a particular path in life gives us joy. If we are happy and content, or at least think we will be, then it is worth giving it a try. I am not saying that we should be deliriously happy all the time but there should be an underlying knowledge that we have chosen the right path in response to God’s call.”


Archbishop McMahon is quick to point out that although discerning a vocation involves a leap of faith, it is not a leap into the unknown:

“Just as there are risks in getting married, no matter how much we prepare for it, so there are risks in offering yourself for priesthood and religious life. In all cases we have examples of happy and fulfilled people living their vocation.”


Quoting Pope Francis, he proposes two pillars of Catholic life that can help people interpret God’s call – serving others and spending time before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.


“Adoration is a special kind of prayer which helps us shirk off everything except that one person who is important to us – Jesus Christ. Pope Francis’ second point was to steer us towards service of others. In serving others, giving ourselves to other people in response to different needs, we undoubtedly find Jesus.”


To see the full Pastoral Message, please check ot our Pastoral Letters Page.


Families of Parishes

As part of the Synod resolutions, the creation of families of parishes, which looks to share and enhance our parishes and the communication between them, is bringing together our parishes for joint events focused on sharing knowledge, meeting new faces and reaching out to others outside our own community. The first of these events took place on Saturday 23rd March when we were all invited to St. Stephens at 10.00 for a shared Stations of the Cross. There was light refreshments afterwards and our parish was very well represented. 


A second event, slated for Sunday 12th May, will be a walk from St. Oswalds in Padgate,  via Bruche Park and along the riverside past the weir and up to to Ss Peter and Michael. On this day, our normal Sunday Tea and Toast will be suspended and instead we will provide refreshments to our walkers later in the afternoon. They are expected to arrive at Ss. Peter and Michael some time after 15.00. A minibus will be provided to transfer people back to St. Oswald's to collect their cars or simply to get back to the church from where they can get back home.


Lourdes 2023

If you would like to see the photos from the 2023 trip, please check out the Lourdes page by clicking on the link in the right hand panel of this, and every, page. 


Watch this space!  👀 👀 👀 👀 for the story and the video.



If anyone wishes to be visited by a Eucharistic Minister to take Holy Communion, please contact Fr Mark or Deacon Jim ...  or email our parish email address stpeter.woolston@rcaol.org.uk