Latest Parish News

  • As part of our current search for additional Deacons, the question "What does it take to be a Deacon" was posed to the children in school. Take a look at our Deacon page here and see some of the results. Jim is in fear that his job is being advertised without him knowing about it 😁 😁 .
  • There are a number of vacancies across the archdiocese. Please take a look at our Archdiocese page here to learn more.
  • There is some News on the Parish 100 Club concerning ways to pay and how to make it easier to collect your subscription fees. Please check the 100Club Page using the links on the right hand side of the page 👉 👉 👉 👉 👉 👉 👉 👉 👉 👉
  • The next Parish 100 Club will be drawn on Sunday 12th February meaning your subscriptions (See above) are due by Sunday 5th February. THIS WEEKEND!!!
  • Some important information has been added to the Lourdes 2023 page. You can see this important update here. Please read and provide your response, if interested, by 12/2/2023.
  • The Next meeting for the SSPAM Parish Council will be on Tuesday 7th February in the Millennium room at 7.00 p.m. As usual, all are welcome.
  • February is dedicated to the Holy Family. Thursday is the presentation of the Lord in the Temple also known As CandleMass day when the candles for the year are traditionally blest.
  • Take a look at the Miracle Prayer on our Prayer pages here. Say this Prayer for 3 days, promise publication and the prayer will be granted. Never known to fail! 😇
  • An opportunity has arisen for a Centre Manager for St. Joseph's Family Centre. If you are interested and think it may be a role for you, then please check out the details here and follow the instructions on how to apply and get more information about the role. Good Luck!
  • Registration is open again for the Sacrament of Confirmation from 16th January and will close on 17th March. Any young person in year 8 can register for preparation at See the details here.
  • A couple of new pages have been added to the website  looking at our Easter & Christmas periods and a few photos from our recent Christmas celebrations can be seen here and here.
  • We are looking to restart our Tea & Toast after 11.00 Mass on Sunday mornings. Would you be able to volunteer to help out? We think this is an excellent way to continue to keep our parish together, but it it will depend on volunteers. If you are able to support us, then please leave your name with John Glynn or drop us a line at the parish email address. Thank you in advance.
  • We need your input. Please read again the letter that Mary Hallam covered at masses in November and let us have your thoughts. Please feel free to send us your comments at the parish email address or direct to Deacon Jim or any member of the parish council. Thank you in advance.

News to Remember

  • Do you think you could be, or want to be, a Deacon? Please read the information here and see if we can help to make up your mind. Additional information has been posted for an Information Meeting on Wednesday 8th February if you are interested, so please check out the link above. 
  • Warm and Cozy Centres - find out what we are doing in the archdiocese to help people over the winter months. Check here.
  • Lourdes 2023 please check our Lourdes page for exciting news about next year's trip.
  • Want rid of your old technology - read here to see what to do with it.
  • Collections have now restarted for the Warrington Foodbank. Your generous donations can be left in the church porch. Thank you in advance. A message from the food bank, and a link to their website,  can also be found on our foodbank page