Latest Parish News

This page provides information and links to the latest parish news. News clips will roll through this page with latest items at the top. Those items which require a longer focus, or are of some significance, will be given a page of their own. 


Please let us know if you find these pages useful or if you have any suggestions for improvement.

  • Remember Selena's walk for Dementia UK? Get a final update on her achievement on the walk here
  • The end of Creation time was to be celebrated this weekend, however, due to the shortened timeframe available, we have decided to move the celebration until next weekend where it will be celebrated on Sunday 9th October with exposition of the Blessed Sacrament after 11.00 Mass through until Benediction at 4.p.m. A watchlist will be placed in the church porch so that we can continue through after Mass until Benediction at 4.p.m. Please give this your support as much as possible.
  • The Holy Rosary will be said after Mass on Monday and Tuesday mornings during October.
  • The next Parish Council meeting will be in church on Tuesday 4th October at All are welcome.
  • A great resource made available as we come to the end of this years Creation Time. Please read all about the Soil Association's Sustainable Living Guide on our Creation Time page or by following the link here.
  • The new monthly Pastoral Development Bulletin from the Archdiocese is available now through our Archdiocese webpage here.
  • COST OF LIVING CRISIS: Information from the Conference of Catholic Bishops of England and Wales. There is a summary on our webpage here, and a further link to the briefing paper itself on that page too.
  • We mourn the loss of Queen Elizabeth II - Please see the communication from Archbishop Malcom here. In addition, the Church of The Ascension on Dam Lane has a book of condolence for HM the Queen if anyone wishes to go along and sign it. Please check for opening times.
  • As part of his Laudato Si encyclical, Pope Francis published A Prayer for Our Earth, which has also been quoted by CAFOD as part of their Creation Time initiatives. Please take a look here to read the prayer and right now is the perfect time to use it in our prayers.
  • Lourdes 2023 please check our Lourdes page for exciting news about next year's trip.
  • More news about the Memorial Garden and its renovationPlease read the details of what the Parish Council are doing about it, and the further help they need, here.
  • Dementia UK does sterling work in support of those with Dementia and their associated families. Find out how you can help Selena McGraw raise money for the cause here. An important update already !!
  • Want rid of your old technology - read here to see what to do with it.
  • 100 Club September's draw was made on Sunday 11th after 11.00 Mass! This month 85 people have paid for their numbers and the prize fund stands at £125. September's winning number was 93.  For information, the following numbers have also not been paid for and therefore will be removed from the draw. We're sure that it's an oversight, however we would appreciate if you wish to continue then remember to pay by the first week of the month and, if you no longer wish to participate, then please make Tony O Kell aware so that we can re-allocate the numbers. The numbers in question are: 7, 9, 39, 54, 84, 89, 97, 98. Also, please ensure that we have your name and a telephone number so we can call you when you WIN! Thank you.
  • Pause for Hope - For Those Affected in any way by cancer. Check out the Archdiocese page for details of an Ecumenical Service at the Cathedral in Liverpool on October 2nd 2022.
  • This month, our archdiocese has suffered a tragedy. The death of Olivia Pratt-Korbel at the hands of a gunman, brings us unbelievable sadness and we send prayers for her, and her family. A Prayer for Olivia can be found on our Archdiocese page and also  on our own Prayer Links Page. Please visit these links and use the words in your own prayers for her 
  • 2022 Creation Time. What do Tea, Cakes, Family and Photographs of the Natural World have in common? Please find the answer to our question here and you can bring you own cup if you want. Please look out for more updates over the coming weeks ... and don't forget to look at the page via the link above and see how the first event of Creation Time went.
  • Can You Read This? If not, then maybe it's you who have left your glasses in church! Over the past couple of weeks, 4 pairs of spectacles have been left in church. You will be able to find them (if you can see them) in the porch at church.  If they are yours, please collect them, if you know who they may belong to, please let them know where they are.
  • Stocks are still low at the Warrington Foodbank. Your generous donations can be left in the church porch. Thank you in advance.