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Upcoming events

Please keep an eye on our upcoming events in the right hand column ūüĎČ ūüĎČ ūüĎČ ūüĎČ ūüĎČ ūüĎČ ūüĎČ ūüĎČ ūüĎČ. There are an increasing number of events and reminders of things coming up over the next few weeks / months both in church and in St. Peters school.


Please feel free to email the parish email account if you have something of note which we can share.


Don't forget to keep up to date with Archdiocese events by checking our own Archdiocese page or the Archdiocese website itself.  (Link available on our Archdiocese page.)


June 100 Club

The June draw took place on Sunday 9th June after 11.00 Mass. This month's prize money was £95 and the winning number was No. 8. Congratulations to our lucky winner.


If you don't yet support our monthly draw, please give it a little consideration. The maintenance of our church and completion of our on-going projects are enabled by the draw and the income it provides so please help if you can.


Again, can we remind everyone who pays annually  to renew your subscription as soon as possible. 


Thank you.


The Return of the Working Party - No, not the Tories!

On Tuesday 21st May 2024 we revived our monthly working party. We normally ask for volunteers around 10.00 for a couple of hours to help us tidy the church garden and surrounding areas. We all benefit from the work undertaken as we enjoy our walk into church, so why not join us in maintaining our church and grounds for all to enjoy.


Normally held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month ūüĎćūü™īūü•ÄūüĎ®‚ÄćūüĆĺ. We'd love to see you there.


Our next working party has been delayed until is Tuesday 25th June.


Church donations

Tony Wright, member of our parish council, made a plea to our congregation so that, as far as is possible, we move towards planned giving in terms of standing orders for our donations to the church. It's easier and less time consuming to make our weekly offerings in this manner and reduces the amount of overhead required to manage large amounts of cash. If you could help by moving to this method of giving, it would be greatly appreciated.


At the same time, for those who pay tax, there is an added incentive for us all to sign a Gift Aid form so that the parish can recover the tax on every pound given as an offering to the church. This costs us, as congregation, nothing but increases your donation to the church by 20%.


Please help us to move towards a more streamlined way of making our offerings and increasing our donations if you are able.


You can find more information on our Donation page to help with the details.


Many thanks in advance.


Padgate & Woolston Walking Day

Subsequent to last Monday’s SSPAM meeting where we were informed that our participation in this year’s event may be in doubt, a meeting was held on Wednesday evening of the board of Churches across the Deanery and specifically the churches and schools of East Warrington who are responsible for the organisation of the Padgate / Woolston walking day event.


The meeting organisers invited all churches, schools and councillors to the meeting to discuss Walking Day. Unfortunately, several schools chose not to attend and none of the invited councillors attended. The meeting, due to last one hour, actually lasted two and a half hours and the issues were debated at length. Unfortunately, the outcome was that, for this year, Walking Day is cancelled. There are many issues surrounding the cancellation and these are highlighted in Canon Dave's letter to all invitees, a copy of which can be found on our Deanery page here. Please take a look at the letter and understand the reasons why the event was cancelled and please do not rely on the misguided opinions currently being shared on social media. Non of the people making these comments were at the meeting and their opinions are not based on the facts surrounding the cancellation. They are literally just opinions and have little or no truth in them.


This decision does not mean that subsequent years are also cancelled, just that at the moment, there are too many issues to fix in such a short time before the event was supposed to take place.


An attempt at resurrecting the Walking day was made and led by one of the councillors, however, the schools themselves and continued difficulty in marshalling the event through a lack of volunteers does mean that the event is cancelled despite some brave hope of a respite.


First Holy Communion 2024

As everyone will have noticed over the last few weeks, we have seen this years cohort of first communicants  attending Mass and being involved in the services. Their First Holy Communion journey is now complete as they celebrated their FHC on the morning of Saturday 18th May.


The service was beautiful and the children were involved in every aspect of the Mass from singing, reading and forming their semi-circle at the offertory, all holding hands and swaying gently to the hymn being sung. Our church was full with parents and family members as well as some parishioners and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the Mass, with Fr. Mark doing a super job interacting with the children and involving them in every aspect of the service. Please continue to hold them in your prayers as they embark on their journey with God. 


Piety Stall

You will have noticed over the past weeks that we have made a concerted effort to bring back and update our Piety Stall in the porch. Margaret Plant, Christine Wilkinson and Christine Wright have been instrumental in bringing the contents up to date and extending the variety of products available.

To this end, there is currently a lovely selection of cards covering First Holy Communion, Confirmation, Baptism, Sympathy and many more. The cards are available for the princely sum of £1 each and are definitely worth every penny of the King's realm spent.


If you have any specific requirements for cards or can suggest any other purchases please write your ideas down and place them in the box in the church porch.


Please pay a visit to the stall. We are sure you will not be disappointed.


Archdiocese Synodal Council

The report and detailed responses from the ASC held in November, the fortnightly Pastoral Development document and information regarding Lenten Music at the Cathedral are available to view and download from our Archdiocese page, our Pastoral Plan page and also from the Archdiocese website.


Weekly Offering envelopes

The new envelopes have just arrived and are¬†available for you to pick up in church from the front bench. Please feel free to pick up your new set and for anyone you know who is unable to pick them up themselves .... make good use of them ... ūüėĀ ūüėĀ ūüėĀ


Garden Gala

You may have noticed in the upcoming events, an entry for Sunday 7th July for a summer fayre in conjunction with 'With Love, Steph'. We will be having the event on that day and there will be a great selection of activities  incorporated into the day including games for the kids, face painting, food, drinks etc. We have also taken the decision to bring forward our celebration for Grandparents and the Elderly so instead of it being towards the end of July it will be on the same date. So, 11.00 Mass on the Sunday will be for Grandparents and the Elderly and will be followed by the Garden Gala.


Please enlarge the poste image for more information and details about the event, but save the date in your diary now so we can make it a wonderful event. Entry is free.


Deanery Corpus Christi Procession

On Sunday 2nd June at 2.p.m. the annual Corpus Christi procession between St. Mary’s and St. Albans will take place. Rather than it be only the two parishes involved, Fr. Dave would like it to become a Deanery event and an email has been sent to all parishes to invite all parishioners to the event. The usual repertoire in honour of the Blessed Sacrament such as Sweet Sacrament Divine, Soul of my Saviour, etc. will be sung. The procession will conclude at St. Albans with Benediction.


‚ÄėThe more the merrier‚Äô is the invitation and it is hoped that such yearly events will become joint ventures in the manner of the Family of Parishes currently being seen across the Archdiocese.


CAFOD Crisis Appeal for Sudan

CAFOD has launched an emergency appeal to support families in Sudan, as Sudan is in the grip of the world’s worst hunger and displacement crisis. Check out our CAFOD page to find out more.



There are now seven candidates from our parish to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation on Sunday 7 July at 2 pm in St Oswald’s church.


Cakes on the Lawn - Summer 2024

We are planning to restart the Cakes on the Lawn every week during the summer, starting Sunday May 19th, but we need your help.  We already have a number of volunteers willing to help out setting up and serving tea and cakes but we need two or three more - can you help?

  • Usually you will be asked to help out once a month during the summer
  • As ¬†a team you will need to set up the pavilion before mass, serve the tea and cakes and tidy up afterwards
  • Tea, coffee and sugar are provided but your team will need to bring milk plus cakes of course.

The more volunteers we have the easier the job is.  If you are willing to join us, please hand your name and contact details to Margaret Harrison, Deacon Jim or Selena, or drop us a line to the parish email address.


St. Peter's Proms

Please put a date in your diary for the evening of Fri 12th July. The staff and Children at St. Peters' school will be presenting St. Peters' Proms.


The "Proms" will be held on school grounds and effectively replaces the Summer Fare. There will be a number of fundraising stalls and each year group will be performing their own speciality whether it be singing or dancing or some other unique act.


It's already in our list of Upcoming Events (See right), and now would be a good time to put it in yours.


When a flyer is available, we will update this notice to include it.


Families of Parishes

As part of the Synod resolutions, the creation of families of parishes, which looks to share and enhance our parishes and the communication between them, is bringing together our parishes for joint events focused on sharing knowledge, meeting new faces and reaching out to others outside our own community. 


Our second event in the Families of Parishes took place on Sunday 12th May, and it was a spring walk from St. Oswalds in Padgate,  via Bruche Park and along the riverside on the New Cut and Ecology Trail past the weir and up to to Ss Peter and Michael.


Please take a look at our Family of Parishes page which can be found under our Deanery Page to see a few photos from the day.


Children's Liturgy

Several parisihioners have asked about restarting the 'little church'. It was discussed at the SSPAM parish council meeting and the current thinking is that it could be held once a month initially and then reviewed depending on demand. 


Our current plan was to start on the 1st Sunday after the Easter celebration however a couple of administrative areas need attention before we can restart.


Can those who indicated their willingness to be involved, please let us have their contact details so that we can get the necessary paperwork initiated.


You can either email the parish email (alongside) or provide your details direct to Deacon Jim. Watch this space!


Synodality 101

A series of online workshops will be provided during April and May. Please check out the SYNOD 2024 Page for more details.


Volunteer Rota

A new 'Welcome' rota has been created for April - June. Please check on our Volunteer rota page to see when you have to be perky! ūüėĀ


Lourdes 2024

Having just recovered from this year's pilgrimage, next year's Archdiocese youth trip is already in planning. The Lourdes Youth pilgrimage is announced for 18th to 27th July 2024. See our Lourdes page for more details and how to apply.


Knock, Knock!

Knock pilgrimages are delighted to announce the launch of their pilgrimage for June 16th for 5 nights. Accommodation has been upgraded to stay in Westport as there isn't a lot to do in Knock in the evening. Please click on the image to see more details


There are still a few places left and, if you are interested, the schedule for the trip is as follows: 


Escorted Tour to Westport, Knock & Co Mayo, 16th June 2024.  £899.00 (per person sharing).  Price includes flight, 10kg hold luggage, 5 nights’ in 4* Castlecourt Hotel, Westport with Dinner, Bed & Breakfast. Lunch on three days.  All entertainment, excursions and transport included.  Visit Knock, Galway City, Kylemore Abbey, Croagh Patrick & Ashford Castle.  Single supplement on Enquiry.  Contact Patricia or Natali on 01268 762 278 or 07740 175557 or email 


Bring ‚Äėem Back!

We all know someone who no longer comes to Mass. Each person has their own reasons for absence and our Parish Council would welcome ideas on how we can bring them back to become churchgoers once again. 


If you do know of anyone who is missing from Mass, please do let us know so that we can endeavour to encourage them back. We know that the COVID pandemic has been partly responsible for the reduction in attendance and even if it just allows us to distribute Holy Communion to these people, then it will help us, and them, to get back to their faith.


Any suggestions may be dropped into the Newsletter box in the porch, directly to Fr. Mark, Deacon Jim or you can just drop a note to the parish email address.


News to Remember

  • If¬†anyone wishes to be visited by a Eucharistic Minister to take Holy Communion please contact Fr Mark or Deacon Jim. ¬†Alternatively,¬†send a note to our parish email address shown in the information panel to the right.
  • Want rid of your old technology¬†- read¬†here¬†to see what to do with it.
  • Warrington Fairtrade Borough Steering Group aims to provide schools with resources and information to help our children understand the global impacts in the way we trade. Please check out our¬†Fairtrade¬†page¬†and read more about the great work they do with our schools and links to other material which shows how this programme helps to create extra income, power and support to those communities who are directly affected by unfair trading situations.

Please be vigilant - we have received a note from our gardener that someone has dumped bamboo and hedges behind the garage on the far side of the car park. He has cleared it away for us, but it's not part of his job. If you see anyone "fly-tipping" in our grounds, please let us know either directly to Deacon Jim, or via email to the parish address.