Making a Donation

Church Envelopes

As is usual, we have available boxes of envelopes for distribution, which you can use for your personal donation to the upkeep of church operations. We thank you very much for your donation, however, we are sure that you recognise the issues with handling envelopes and cash during the pandemic and we thank you for your patience as we have tried to remain flexible in how we collect your donations. We will continue to provide the necessary means to continue providing the envelopes for those who are uncomfortable or unable to use alternative online methods to donate. If you do miss the opportunity to deliver your envelope as you arrive for mass, then please consider posting the envelopes through the presbytery letter box on a weekly or monthly basis.


If you are able, then we would suggest that you also consider giving by standing order and the details for doing so are shown below. It would be helpful to sign up rather than giving cash during this unprecedented time.  


Many thanks for your continued support.

Standing Orders

Like most organisations, SS Peter and Michael needs an income in order to operate on a week to week basis.  The steady flow of funds provided through the Standing Order system has brought some money into the parish each month.  Thank you to those currently donating through Standing Orders.


Maybe, in the light of what has happened, over the last couple of years, you now wish to consider/reconsider taking out a Standing Order, which will make things a lot easier for yourself, along with moving more of our collections on to a cashless system.  I’m sure many of you will have experienced over the last few months more and more shops requiring payment by card to avoid the dangers of transmission through the handling of cash.


A Standing Order arrangement is also helpful to those of you who can’t get to Mass every week, or find Mass times at other churches more convenient, or miss two or three weeks when going on holiday, or have to miss Mass for a variety of other reasons.


If you wish to go down the Standing Order route, all you need to do is complete a Standing Order Authority.  These can be downloaded here or the details to set up a standing order with your own online banking can be found below,  alternatively paper forms can be obtained from Fr Gildea or myself.  You can arrange for your donation to be monthly, quarterly or yearly, but not weekly.


Once completed, please take the form to your Bank, and ensure that the parish has a copy for our records. Alternatively, if you do your banking online, then you will still need a copy of the form for the relevant details.  Please, again, ensure we receive a copy of your Standing Order details. Unfortunately, the Standing Order system only applies to first collections.  You will still need a set of envelopes for any second collections.


Finally, if you pay tax and have not signed a Gift Aid declaration, then please seriously consider doing this.  It is free money for the parish without costing you any more money.  Gift Aid forms can be obtained from myself.


Thank you for your support.


Tony Wright

Treasurer SSPAM

SSPAM Account Details to set up a standing order


St Peter and St Michael (008) Parish


Account Number:01546295


Sort Code: 40-29-12


Branch: HSBC Bank plc, 

                4 Dale Street

                Liverpool L69 2BZ


Charity Number: 232709

Standing Order Form
Standing Order Form for ST Peters.doc
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