The period of time that we think about Creation has come to end, though feel free to continue, and if you haven't had a chance to have a look at the video and words about Creation Time, please do so as it is very interesting and a good place to start when thinking about prayer around Creation and our relationship with Creation, our Environment and God.
The 1st of September marked the start of creation time. During this time we remembered the gift of Creation and our relation to it. God made us stewards of the earth, this is something all of us try to live out in our daily lives. This has come to the forefront of our news over the past few years due to some incredible activists, such as Greta Thunberg. 
"On the eve of the Season of Creation, Pope Francis issued a profound prayer intention that the planet’s resources will not be plundered, but shared in a just and respectful manner. He prays that today, not tomorrow, we will take care of Creation. Pope Francis’ leadership on the climate emergency and on the coronavirus has been unmatched. But he can’t do it alone. It’s time for the global Catholic community to rally behind his message.

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Why do we have Creation time? 

Creation time is from 1st September to 4th October.


 As environmentalists, we might think about how to improve the state of our planet .This is important but not our starting point.

As Christians, we start with Christ. He is our redeemer, whose saving grace included releasing 

 creation from it's decay and bondage. God created the world complete, but in a state of journeying. God’s plan was from the beginning that Christ’s redemption was to bring us to eternal life and glory and also to bring creation to its final perfection. Thomas Keating writes:

‘Christ who disappeared in his Ascension, not into some geographical location, but into the heart of all creation.’ -  to infuse all of creation with the grace of his redemption.

 Redemption is personal, individual and cosmic. We cannot limit it to just our own souls. Humans have held the view that we were to use, even exploit the created world because we were at the top, we were in charge. We are now aware of how destructive this is. Pope Francis reminds us of this error and calls us to care for the earth as if it was a person and to be aware of the impact of our decisions on the earth and to carefully use its resources. 

How do we live out Creation time?

We need knowledge, conversion and action.  For action to be wise and sustainable it needs a good foundation. We need some understanding of the causes of climate change and the effects it has on the poorest. It is the Mother of all injustices causing flooding and food shortages. It creates climatic refugees.

We also need to be aware of our carbon footprint. We then need to pray as to the small steps we can each take. The Buddhists say change is suffering; to change  always goes against the grain but God makes attractive what we at first find unattractive.

So prayer is necessary and what Pope Francis calls an ecological conversion. Of course it is a cyclic process. 

The actions can be:

·        Having Green energy

·        A meat free day or 2

·        Reduced car use/ more walking and cycling

·        Thinking to reduce what we use, consume and travel to

·        Fair-trade


These are few ideas. Making a start and keeping up small actions are what counts.


CAFOD on the Season of Creation

"This ecumenical season is dedicated to prayer and action for the protection of creation. It is a time to renew our relationships with God our Creator, and with all creation, as we join together in prayer.

We give thanks for all that God has made, repent for the damage that we have caused and commit ourselves to take action to protect the earth our common home.

This year we have been made acutely aware of how interconnected we all are, and so we come together in hope that we can rebuild and heal our world. "

 Thanks to Mary Hallam for providing the fascinating video and information that is found on the website!