CAFOD is an international development charity and the official aid agency of the Catholic Church in England and Wales.

We reach out to people living in poverty with practical help, whatever their religion or culture. Through our global Church network, one of the largest in the world, we have the potential to reach everyone. And we campaign for global justice, so that every woman, man and child can live a full and dignified life.

Family Fast Day, Harvest Appeal 2021

Thank you for your gift of £170.00.

At CAFOD, we are committed to working wherever the need is greatest and pray for God’s guidance as we support those who are worst affected by the climate crisis. Through your generous gift, we are helping those dedicating their lives to protect our common home.  

 This Harvest, we shared Ivanilde’s story. Local experts from our church network have helped Ivanilde's community win the rights to stay and protect the piece of Amazon they call home. They have replanted and the rainforest has restored. She says: ‘I hope that we can have more love and more care for nature.’   

Ivanilde’s commitment to our common home is a beacon of hope for us all. Through your gifts, solidarity and prayer, our hope for our world burns brighter. As the climate crisis makes life harder for the most vulnerable people all around the world, we pray that our brothers and sisters can adapt, survive, and thrive..

Thank you again for sharing what you have with those in need.

Yours sincerely,

 Michelle Oakford

Head of Supporter Relations

This Family Fast Day, on Friday 1 October, you can support people around the world who are dedicating their lives to protecting God’s creation. People like Ivanilde who are on the frontline of the climate crisis.

Pope Francis says we are a single family living in a common home. I want to talk to you about the climate crisis. This is a crisis that will affect each and every one of us. A crisis that is damaging our world. Our common home. God’s creation. The Coronavirus pandemic is pushing millions of people around the world into poverty and deepened inequality. The poorest and most vulnerable people in the world are also the ones 

who are being hit hardest by climate change. Harvests are failing. Cities are flooding. Entire communities are finding it harder and harder to survive in the place they call home. But, in the face of this, all around the world, ordinary people like you and me are giving their all to protect our planet. Our common home. God’s creation. I’d like to tell you about one of these guardians of creation. Ivanilde is a mother, a grandmother and a farmer. And, for the last 19 years, she’s been on the frontline of the struggle to protect our common home. She lives in a small patch of rainforest in one of the most heavily deforested regions of the Brazilian Amazon.

Pope Francis has said that the health of our planet depends on the health of the Amazon – yet every year thousands of acres are deliberately burned so the land can be cleared for cattle ranching, or simply to be turned over to make a quick profit. More than once, Ivanilde’s home has been ravaged by fires started on land owned by wealthy cattle ranchers. She’s felt the heat on her face and the

sting of the smoke in her eyes as the flames destroyed her trees and crops. Trees she’s planted herself and spent so long caring for – the trees whose fruits her family rely on to survive. She’s faced obstacles that could shake the spirits of the very bravest – but she has never given up. With the help of local experts from our church network, she’s replanted and restored her land.

Thanks to donations like yours, expert human rights lawyers were able to stand alongside Ivanilde and her community through years of legal battles, to help them win their rights to stay, and protect the fragile piece of the Amazon they call home. Ivanilde is not alone. All over the world, people are doing their bit to fight the worst effects of climate change.

In Ethiopia, water experts are helping to build solar-powered pumps to help communities struggling with drought. In Bangladesh, local climate experts are helping people protect their homes and livelihoods from ever more devastating cyclones.


If you choose to give, you’ll be helping the people who have done the least to cause the climate crisis but are being hit the hardest by its devastating effects. And you will be supporting people like Ivanilde, who are dedicating their lives to protecting our common home.

Join us online to hear what COP26 is and why it’s so important. We’ll learn more about Pope Francis’ call to action and hear how people in the Amazon region are leading the fight to protect our common home.

The countdown is on! In a matter of weeks, the UK will host the largest gathering of world leaders ever to take place on British soil: the ‘COP26’ climate talks. Our government has a vital role to play in leading global efforts to tackle the climate crisis.

As Pope Francis has pointed out, the pandemic has reminded us that “we are a global community, all in the same boat, where one person’s problems are the problems of all”.

Wealthy nations, who bear the greatest responsibility for the crisis, need to urgently cut their emissions and stand in solidarity with those countries that have done the least to damage our common home. But we know that the Government will only act if enough people, up and down the country, raise their voices for the values of solidarity and justice

Lenten Appeal 2021

Fast Day live talk

Friday 9 October, 11am

Listen to our live talk about the latest on our coronavirus response.

Join the Global Family Food event
Saturday 10 October, 10am

Have fun, eat some delicious food and raise funds to transform the lives of people in poverty.



'Harvest Like No Other' quiz

Saturday 10 October, 7pm

Have fun, get competitive and raise funds to transform the lives of people in poverty.


Check out CAFOD's latest campaign and more information on their website!



Family Fast Day 2020

This Harvest, we are launching a series of online events around Family Fast Day from 8-11 October so that we can come together and bring hope and help to those who are most in need.

A Harvest like no other

This is a Harvest like no other as many families face chronic food shortages, malnutrition and poverty as the result of coronavirus.

Join our online events

This Harvest, CAFOD has something for everyone. Join us with your school, parish, friends and family.

As well as the events below that you can already register for, we will also be holding another national assembly for schools on 8 October and a live Mass on 9 October. Details on how to register for those events will be available soon.

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CAFOD's PRAYER FOR IRAQ posted recently due to the desperate situation of Christians there. I am enclosing the weblink which will open a WORD document that hopefully, you can transfer for all to read snd pray with.


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In solidarity with the people of Eccles and Christian churches across Greater Manchester, let us remember Alan Henning R.I.P., his family and close friends in our prayers this week

Name: Alain D

Message: This afternoon, a beautiful bunch of yellow rose buds with the laminated card below,  was laid on our behalf in Eccles in front of the cross surrounded by hundreds of individual flower tributes  and yellow ribbons for Alan Henning.