Livestream instructions for Fr Gildea’s Funeral

The funeral of Fr. Gildea takes place on Wednesday 2nd Nov (7.p.m) and Thursday 3rd (2.p.m) over three events. 


The livestream will be broadcast to Facebook and YouTube at the same time for the church services but NOT the committal at the crematorium. The channels will go live a few minutes before the services at 7.p.m on Wednesday 2nd Nov, and 2.p.m on Thursday.Instructions for joining the livestream are:



In the Facebook search bar, please type in SS Peter and Michael

You should be presented with something that looks like the image below. 

Click on the link that is SS Peter and Michael Woolston. You will then be presented with:

You may wish to join the group, but it’s not necessary at this time. If you are past the livestream start time, you should see a post that indicates the stream is live and being run by Ged Totton. Click on the post to view the services. If you are early, you may have to refresh your page to see the post which shows the live stream. Click on the post to watch the stream.


If you join the SS Peter and Michael Woolston group, you should see a notification in your own newsfeed telling you that the stream has gone LIVE.



Here is a link to the St Peter and Michael Youtube channel.


You will be presented with our channel where, if you select “LIVE” from the top line (maybe 'VIDEOS'), you will see a video with “LIVE” in red with a title of Father Gildea’s Reception / Funeral Mass.



Alternatively, you can search “SS Peter and Michael” from the Youtube search bar and our channel will appear. A photo of the tapestry behind the altar is the profile image.


When you have pressed the icon or the words for SS Peter and Michael, you will be taken to the same point in our channel as shown above, as if you had pressed on the link above.