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The Catholic Post is a new monthly Catholic newspaper and has just begun circulation. The first month is free and you can get a copy during this next couple of weeks at church. Afterwards, the subscription fee is believed to be £1 per month.


As part of the roll-out of the newspaper, Fr. Gildea has been asked to provide feedback on the paper including form, content and presentation. Please feel free to help with this feedback for Fr. Gildea by submitting your views below.


Many thanks.

Please send your thoughts on the Catholic Post by adding your comments below:

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    Jim McGraw (Saturday, 18 June 2022 12:33)

    I was disappointed with this 'Newspaper.' It's neither one thing or the other. Sure, it's not as high-brow as The Catholic Herald, or The Tablet, but neither is it as substantial as The Catholic Universe. Whilst I was never a regular reader of The Tablet, I was a regular reader of The Herald and The Universe and got a lot from them both. I didn't get anything from this publication. I found it a bit 'wishy-washy'. I probably will read it again on the basis that it's better than nothing, but if others were available, I would choose them first.

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    Ged Totton (Sunday, 05 June 2022 11:14)

    The Catholic Post seems to have an issue in deciding what it wants to be. The physical paper is modelled on the new 'throw away' fast paced, simple news reporting document which is now in common place in the UK, but at the same time, some of the articles, not all by any measure, are written in hi-brow language which doesn't suit the fast paced look of the paper. There is very little 'investigative' news reporting evident e.g. the main front page article deserves to spend more time looking into the Reform of the Roman Curia to explain to the readership exactly what it means and where changes have been made. The lack of investigative journalism suggests to us that the publication is just a collection of stories with little depth to them then maybe that's where it should focus, however the writing style therefore also needs to adapt.

    There is confusion also in the pricing which doesn't agree with what we've been told in the parish.

    The layout is also confusing and haphazard. Stories appearing on the from page should either be a summary pointing to the full story inside or should contain the full story. Putting half the story on the front page and then the rest on page 4, makes the story flow quite irritating and difficult to read.

    My summary is does it want to be a hi-brow broadsheet (probably not) or a fast paced news headline publication (writing style should change).

    In my humble opinion of course.

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    Mary Hallam (Saturday, 04 June 2022 21:47)

    I would like to.see more in depth articles. It was news that was quite removed and nothing that really git my attention or that I would want to return to