Sponsor Selena

A well ticked off set of shoes.
A well ticked off set of shoes.

Update 30th September


Today, the last day in September, Selena posted a total of 113.4 miles, which is not bad for a 30 mile challenge!


Selena says:


"I want to thank everyone who has supported me and sponsored me, we are so blessed with our Parish and I am so grateful to you all.


As soon as I get all my sponsor money in I will let you know the total.
Once Again Thank You All."
A tremendous effort we're sure you agree and a positive result for Dementia UK.
Well done Selena!

11th September Update


Believe it or not, Selena reached her 30-mile target on Friday September 9th, an average of 3.3 miles per day. She is going to continue with her mile (or more) each day day until the end of September, as per the original timeline for the walk. On this basis, if she keeps up the same average for the rest of the month, we reckon she will smash the 100 mile barrier, which is definitely a cause for celebration AND for sponsoring her.


Selena says  "The support from everyone in our Parish is so encouraging as always."

Long may it continue, and let's keep cheering Selena on towards that 100 mile marker.

Walking for Dementia

Selena McGraw, the better looking half of the McGraw family, is raising money for Dementia UK. Selena's dad suffers from dementia and obviously it's very personal so she is committing to walk 30 miles in September 2022. Selena can complete the 30 miles any way she likes whether it's all in one day (hmmmm!) or a mile a day, on every day in September. If you would like to sponsor Selena, then please catch up with her and tell her how much you would like to sponsor her for completing her task.


If you would like to know more about the work that Dementia UK do, then please follow the link here. If you would like to know more about the fundraising options, then please follow the link here. Either way, they will take you to the same website and you can learn more about the work and the fundraising that Dementia UK does.


This is Selena in her new and well deserved T Shirt. What she is holding is her 'steps / miles' card with the idea being that she ticks off each 'shoe' for every mile she walks. Using her new pedometer, she's used it to get an idea of her typical walking day. Last week, which probably isn't typical unless Jim has a lot more money than we think, she managed to register 4 miles around Manchester City Centre in the one day.


More power to her elbow, or maybe ankles, as we move towards September and the walk begins in earnest .... whoever earnest is ..... 


Don't forget to sponsor Selena in her challenge.


Thank you in advance.


p.s. Jim says that Selena is the better looking half because he's looked after her all her life. If that doesn't deserve a sponsor I don't know what does.