Church Envelopes

Thankyou to those giving by standing order. If parishioners don't give by standing order , please consider this. It would be helpful to sign up rather than giving cash during this unprecedented time. 


Any parishioners who would like to sign up to standing order, please phone Father Gildea and he will put a form for you on the presbytery step. 


Alternatively please consider posting the envelopes through the presbytery letter box weekly or monthly.

Many thanks for your continued support if you are able to.


A message from Churches Together Merseyside May 19th 2020
This Thursday, Ascension Day, marks the beginning of the 2020 prayer campaign 'Thy Kingdom Come' which lasts until Pentecost.
In response to the corona virus pandemic this global prayer campaign has launched new elements, including prayer resources during COVID-19, such as  a Prayer Journal  with Bible readings, reflections and care actions. a   Digital Family Prayer Adventure Map   to aid children and young people explore prayer in a fun way, etc.

The campaign will also relaunch its award-winning app which will enable anyone with a smartphone to access the content and journey through the 11 days of prayer. The app has been translated into eight languages and last year was downloaded in almost 100 countries worldwide.

Here you will find a link to the CTE 'Thy Kingdom Come' web page: Thy Kingdom Come 2020 

When you follow the above link, you will also see a tab on the CTE webpage entitled Coronavirus where a number of different kinds of resources and guidelines can be found.


The Catholic Truth Society

The Catholic Truth Society ( CTS) are selling Sunday Missals 2020 for £1 to be ordered online.

Phone 020 7640 0042 or

Then select " sort by popularity"

and this years Sunday Missal 2020 appears.


Sunday Missal 2021 is for pre-order only



The Bishops’ Conference has agreed that all public acts of worship in churches will cease as of the evening of Friday 20th March. This includes all public Masses. This is not a decision which is taken lightly, but it is one which they believe is in the best interests of all the faithful, in light of government guidance. The obligation to attend Sunday Mass and Holy Days is removed for as long as this crisis continues.

 Due to this masses and daily prayers are being streamed online by various churches and priests.

Find out more here: . Where you can find links for live streaming of masses, prayers for spiritual communion, readings and video links for masses which have been said.

·         St. Stephens in Orford appears to have links on their website   They seem to be recording the private masses said by Fr. John McLoughlin and posting them on the website.  There are details on the website about the masses for Holy Week.

·         The Shrine at Walsingham also is live streaming mass There are full details of their schedule on their website

·         The Redemptorist Fathers have a website with information about books, readings and prayers.

  Hope this helps.


24th March 2020

As there will be no public Masses for an indefinite period starting this weekend and an increasing number of people are self-isolating there will undoubtedly be a substantial number of your parishioners who will be unable to get to Church for several weeks. 

To help them follow the Mass, daily prayers, reading, etc. at home, and also keep up with the weekly church news we are offering free access to Magnificat online, and for those who would like the Print Edition there is a special one-off 4-month subscription to Magnificat and/or a 3-month subscription to The Catholic Herald at substantially discounted and affordable prices to ensure that the maximum number of people can take advantage.

So that as many people as possible can take advantage of the free and/or discounted offers can you please make your parishioners aware of these options and how to order in any way you are able?

They can only be ordered by telephoning Margaret on 020 7448 3607 or Paul on 020 7448 3618 between 9.30am and 5pm Monday to Friday.

Below are special prices to help people over this difficult period and orders will need to be placed before Easter:

Magnificat 4 months April to July (including the Holy Week special issue) for £14

Catholic Herald 3 months (13 weeks) for £25

Both Catholic Herald and Magnificat (as above) £36

For free access to Magnificat online, log in at

Although we do expect that many people will still go to Church for personal prayer, we do hope that these special concessions will help people who cannot get there, and also those who want to follow the Masses, prayers, readings, etc. feel that they can still share in the life of the Church.


Thank you and best wishes, 

Dennis Charlick

Circulation Director

Catholic Herald 





Please do join us for: 

‘TEA & TOAST in the Millennium Room’ (Winter Months),

and our ‘TEA & CAKES on the Lawn’ (Summer Months) 


The Tea & Toast team work hard throughout the winter months

raising funds for our Lourdes Youth, who travel to Lourdes with

our Archdiocesan Pilgrimage in July each year, to work helping

those pilgrims, who require assistance.


Our Tea & Cakes team work hard throughout the summer months

raising funds for St. Peter’s Charity Fund.  This fund supports

numerous charities both at home and abroad.  As you can imagine,

the parish receives many requests for help from many sources, but we cannot say ’YES’ to them all and we already have 2nd Collections

for many of those charities, who merit one.

Our Charity Fund enables us to send some support to those charities we feel we should help, without asking our parishioners to donate yet again.

We regularly publish through our bulletin the amounts raised by both teams and any donations that are made on your behalf.  THANK YOU


For more information or to offer help in any way,

please join us after Mass or contact

Carol Emerson  824547 / Margaret Harrison 823709