Youth Worship

Update 20th November 2022


A massive 'Thank You' to all of the young people involved in Mass this Youth Sunday, on the Feast of Christ the King. They did so well and should be very proud of themselves. If any young people want to get involved in our masses, they should talk to Katy Lowrey, John Glynn, Margaret Harrison or Deacon Jim. They can also send us a note to the parish email address  (details to your right) and we will make sure the message gets passed on to the right folk. Well done all! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Youth Worship 2022


On Sunday 20th November (The feast of Christ the King) we will celebrate World Youth Sunday! The theme this year is Rise Up! "Mary arose and went with haste!" This reflects a call to stand up again, together, to find fresh strength and to help others to rise up too. It reminds us that as young people we must commit again to use the energy, gifts, talents we have in new ways.


Read the note below from Canon PJ Smith, the Chair of CyMFED, who are preparing the materials for parishes for this Sunday.


Please contact Katy Lowrey if you wish to participate in our celebrations.

"Girl Got Faith is a social media platform that believes leading a faith filled life doesnt have to be boring or full of rules, but it is something that can completely change your life for the better as you enjoy everything the God has in store for you."

Check out some of their worship on their Instagram!

"Three Ways We can Worship Today!

By Hillsong Creative

Our message has always been clear; true worship has never been confined to twenty minutes of singing on a Sunday. I’ve been a worship pastor for the majority of my adult life and in all of these years of leading and equipping others to lead corporate worship in our many weekend services, this theme has consistently held true:

Worship is a lifestyle.

Because of this I feel confident to say that our need as Christians to worship our God, in spirit and truth, is as real right now as it ever has been and as it ever will be.  When we finally return to worship together again, worship is still a lifestyle.

Worship, in addition to being an act of obedience, puts everything in creation in the perspective which God intended it to be. As we often say, whatever our circumstance may be, choosing to worship takes our eyes off of our problems and onto Jesus. In a world full of uncertainty, worship pushes our attention past our questions and fixates our hearts on the One who holds the answers.

With that in mind I want to encourage you to do three things as an act of worship today":....

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