Blog 11th – 12th September


Hello Everyone !  Sadly, it looks like our summer is nearly over. How quickly it has flown. I hope that you have all enjoyed the good weather either in your own gardens, walking out in the fresh air, or, if you were one of the lucky ones, able to get the chance of a holiday break. I trust you are all well rested and ready to face the autumn and winter weather !

It seems life is more than slowly getting back to “normal”. It is lovely seeing more and more of you returning to weekly or daily Mass. I did miss you !

On that note I feel it is now time to stop my weekly Blog and maybe just now and again put in a thought or meaningful reflection that I occasionally get sent to me. I hope it has been helpful to you hearing from me each week but seeing you in person is so much nicer !

Please continue to keep me in your prayers – I am not getting any younger and I must accept that I can’t do everything that I did without even blinking 20 years

ago !!!

Please may I also ask you to continue to be vigilant and constantly aware of The Covid Virus. Continue to wear your masks on Public Transport and in our shops. There are still many vulnerable people out there who need our protection. We must continue to support the NHS and not be a burden to them by reacting too swiftly in rejecting safety measures to prevent the spread of the virus.


I would like to share this lovely thought that I received yesterday :


Also this meaningful Tibetan Proverb that I read today :



Have a nice week. Be kind, be thoughtful and be considerate.

Keep smiling and if possible keep laughing !!!

God Bless



Fr G

Blog 4th/5th September


I hope you have all had a wonderful week. It has certainly been interesting. 

Yesterday, as some of you may of seen, Bishop Tom Neylon was ordained, congratulations to him and I want to wish him Good Luck.


I hope you are all staying warm as the cold weather comes in, our vegetable garden is blossoming and we are excited to start using all our vegetables! If you havent seen it you should go and have a look at it behind the memorial garden.


I played a good game of golf on Monday, enjoying the bank holiday! I hope you all did too!

To all of you who went back to school this week, I hope you had a wonderful back to school! If you go back this week, GOOD LUCK!

Please remember to stay safe!

Congratulations to the new Bishop of Plestia and Auxiliary Bishop of Liverpool, Tom Neylon who was ordained at the cathedral on Friday 3 September. 

Bishop Tom was ordained by Archbishop Malcom McMahon in the first major service to be celebrated in the cathedral since the beginning of the pandemic and the first Episcopal Ordination in Liverpool since that of Bishop Tom Williams in 2003.


The cathedral welcomed Apostolic Nuncio, the Vatican’s representative in 

Great Britain, Archbishop Claudio Gugerotti, Cardinal Vincent Nichols, bishops from England and Wales as well as priests and parishioners from the archdiocese to the ordination. When announcing the appointment back in July, Archbishop Malcolm said: “When I came to the Archdiocese in 2014, Canon Tom was already a Vicar General and trustee of the Archdiocese and his excellent pastoral and administrative skills have been invaluable to me in my ministry as Archbishop. He’ll now be able to use those God-given talents at a higher level in assisting me in taking the Church forward in the coming years.”

Bishop Tom, who was ordained in 1982 by Pope St John Paul II in front of 250,000 people in Heaton Park, Manchester; has served in Wigan, Skelmersdale, St Helens, Haydock and most recently Widnes.

There will be ordination cards available at your church this weekend to celebrate this special occasion for everyone in the Archdiocese of Liverpool.



To see photographs of the event, please visit the Archdiocese of Liverpool Flickr account: and there will be an ordination special in September’s edition of the Catholic Pic. 

Blog 28th – 29th Aug.    


Hello Everyone!  I hope you are well, exited no doubt about the relaxing of the lock down rules, but not becoming blaze in your attitude towards Covid ! It is not going away any time soon.  Keep wearing your masks where there are lots of people or strangers and please be careful with the hugs !!!

Since my stroke 3 and a half years ago, I have at times struggled to keep happy. Frustration has been my enemy  Pope Francis’ latest speech has the answer and I would like to share it with you.

“You can have flaws, be anxious, and even be angry, but do not forget that your life is the greatest enterprise in the world. Only you can stop it from going bust. Many appreciate you, admire you and love you.


Remember that to be happy is not to have a sky without a storm, a road without accidents, work without fatigue, relationships without disappointments.



To be happy is to find strength in forgiveness, hope in battles, security in the stage of fear, love in discord. It is not only to enjoy the smile, but also to reflect on the sadness. It is not only to celebrate the successes, but to learn lessons from the failures. It is not only to feel happy with the applause, but to be happy in anonymity.



Being happy is not a fatality of destiny, but an achievement for those who can travel within themselves.

To be happy is to stop feeling like a victim and become your destiny's author. It is to cross deserts, yet to be able to find an oasis in the depths of our soul. It is to thank God for every morning, for the miracle of life.



Being happy is not being afraid of your own feelings. It's to be able to talk about you. It is having the courage to hear a "no". It is confidence in the face of criticism, even when unjustified. It is to kiss your children, pamper your parents, to live poetic moments with friends, even when they hurt us.



To be happy is to let live the creature that lives in each of us, free, joyful and simple.


It is to have maturity to be able to say: "I made mistakes".


It is to have the courage to say "I am sorry".


It is to have the sensitivity to say, "I need you".


It is to have the ability to say "I love you".



May your life become a garden of opportunities for happiness ...


That in spring may it be a lover of joy. In winter a lover of wisdom.


And when you make a mistake, start all over again.


For only then will you be in love with life. You will find that to be happy is not to have a perfect life. But use the tears to irrigate tolerance.


Use your losses to train patience.


Use your mistakes to sculptor serenity.


Use pain to plaster pleasure.


Use obstacles to open windows of intelligence.


Never give up .... Never give up on people who love you. Never give up on happiness, for life is an incredible show"

- Pope Francis

Maybe it will help some of you as we ALL have times of frustration, fear, unhappiness.  I certainly found it inspirational.

Have a nice week. We are supposed to be getting good weather. Lets hope so !

God Bless

Fr G

Blog  21st/ 22nd Aug.  

Hello Everyone!  No doubt like me you are fed up of the poor summer weather – rain, a cold wind and little sun! So unfair on those families and children trying to enjoy their summer holidays. Let’s hope they have Scrabble, Playing Cards and Jigsaws to keep everyone laughing and occupied !!

 On a more serious note may I ask you all to keep in your prayers this week the people of Afghanistan. The people have suffered so much for so many years.

 Most of them simply want a life of peace, work and time with their families. In particular let us remember their children many of whom have only ever known war conditions in their young lives. Let us pray for stability, peace, equal opportunities for all; and the end of all violence. 

As Boris Johnson said “We want actions not words” from their Leaders.  Allah is God our father who created us to be bothers and sisters with his son Jesus.  We are all equal because we are one family – God’s Family.  The Taliban know this or they would not be promising the things that they are  - equality for women and schooling for all.  The whole world is doubting that they will keep their promises in any real sense, understood internationally.  The leaders of the Taliban must feel very insecure to  bully the down trodden, vulnerable and weak, and not allow people to be educated, or the educated to express opinions.  May they have confidence in their religion which teaches respect, love, and compassion for all people, as do most of the world’s religions;   it is culture that is the problem; but bad culture can be changed.

Let us pray that they will keep their promises.  If they do, hope for a new Afghanistan will emerge and the people will move forward to live in a well organised and happy society.  God grant that this will be so.

Fr. G.

Blog  14th/ 15th Aug.  - The Assumption


Hi Everyone.    

Happy Feast day everybody, and may the Blessed Virgin Mary protect you always.  I trust that those who have been on holiday had a good one and those who are just going won’t have theirs spoilt by the ever changing covid rules and unpredictable ‘traffic lights’.

It is the feast of the Assumption today -  A lovely happy celebration.


Today it reminds me of a little purpose  built village way up in The French Alps .’Les Albertans’. It was built for the purpose of enabling families and groups of young people to stay in for a holiday, youth camp or retreat.  It is run and financed by 


the Salesian Fathers who were started by Jon Bosco to help the youth of the world to have a stable life. The local Deacon ( Marc ) and his wife stay up there for the summer months  to co-ordinate the activities. It is a place full of laughter, music, fun, AND prayer. Everyone staying there “mucks in“ to keep the place running smoothly.  Every year on the 15th August Marc organises a Mass which is also open to the local villages and town. The young people provide the music, do the readings and sometimes incorporate drama in the liturgy. It is a lovely  happy Mass celebrating The Assumption. The local Parish Priest and myself are always invited to concelebrate and afterwards there are starters followed by a communal meal ( we all bring something for the meal ).  It is a great opportunity to meet up and chat with everyone. One year there was a Salesian priest visiting the camp and before he was a priest, he used to be a professional clown !!! He was great fun and he had all of us laughing with his antics and tricks.           I will miss the Mass this year’

Saturday is also the feast day of St Maximilian Kolbe.  He was a Polish Franciscan.  His life was built on a vigorous devotion to Our Lady and a determination to use every modern means to win the world for Christ.  Not to the liking of the Nazi Gestapo who sent him to Auschwitz.  There he volunteered to die for another prisoner.  He once wrote “Whenever we encounter a problem or suffering we cannot resolve we should not lose heart but should turn to Mary with full confidence like little children to their Mother.  She will infuse in us the strength we need.  God bless Fr G

Blog  7th - 8th August  19th Sunday of the Year


Hi Everyone.    

Can I first congratulate all those who helped to organise a most successful BBQ last Sunday in the church garden; not forgetting God of course who sent such glorious weather so we could all bask in the sun as we caught up with friends and parishioners.  –a truly delightful day;  - roll on the next one!   

Our other important event was the SPAM meeting on Tuesday.  It was obvious to everyone present that much planning is needed to build up the parish after the Covid devastation.  Where will the money come from to pay ongoing bills, repairs and costs now that the Lottery has collapsed?  How do we move forward with our Masses so that everybody may safely attend and how will we proceed to make the Masses really fulfilling.  

How do we engage with people so that all can get involved, and give some input.  Much thought and prayer needed folks please !  


First suggestion was to start a new type of fund raiser.  Maybe  something like the old 200 club.  But of course volunteers will be needed. 


 Another suggestion was to ask if twelve people would come together like  Christ’s First Apostles to plan a way to make contact with people in their homes to see how many parishioners we actually have  and ask if  they can help in anyway to rebuild our community.  Third we will need an organist and singers to enhance any liturgy that we have. Start thinking people…..can I help ???

In the meantime we will need to begin our programmes for first Holy Communions and Confirmations.  Much to do - please think how you can help. Doesn’t have to be a big commitment and the more people volunteer the less we each have to do.  


It’s great to see so many at Mass this past week.  May I remind you that our week day Mass is once again open to all.  Mon. Tues. Fri.  9.30 am. …..


Have a lovely week everyone. I know the weather hasn’t been great recently but you know it is just wonderful to see a new day dawning ….. no matter what the weather ! 


Fr G



Blog  24th - 25th July  16th Sunday of the Year


Hi Everyone.    


A reminder that we are having a parish BBQ in the Church Garden on Sunday 1st Aug see the details on the Web site and bulletin.  Everyone welcome….starting at 1. 30pm. Pease bring your own drinks. Look forward to seeing you all there ! Make a note in your diary

I've no news for you this week other than I have had another tooth out this week.  I’m hoping that my speech will improve a little because of it, but…….!

Have a good week, continue to stay and be safe; and may Christ, the Bread of Life, be always in your hearts


Fr G                                                             

Blog for the 17th Sunday in Ordinary Time! 24/7/2021

Hi Everyone.    Hope you are all STILL enjoying the sun though I think by the time you read this we could all be in the middle of a thunderstorm !  Oh well the gardens will be happy ! Busy week just gone –

The highlight for me was the Year 6 Leavers Mass in the Junior School. As always it was a beautiful Service – sad but uplifting as memories for all were relived. Let’s pray for these children that their future new life in their respective Secondary Schools will be happy and fulfilling. More than ever, lets pray that they continue to keep their

faith and lead good, honest and responsible lives and that both us, as Parishioners, and their parents stay proud of them. May they also be influenced by other good young people.


We have also been busy meeting to think out our future plans for the parish. – there will be changes to Mass times and more opening up of group meetings etc. BUT as always here at St Peter’s, we will continue to be cautious and sensible. All details will be found on the Parish website and in our weekly newsletter.


On a lighter note, I attended a small Mass gathering in the garden of Iranaeus to celebrate 40 years of Ordination of my friend Fr Brendan Rice…..where do these years go ???  Some of you may remember him from his time at St Albans. It was lovely to see people I hadn’t seen for a while. Afterwards I visited a motorbike friend to see his new bike ( see photo ) . Made me nostalgic but it was good to sit on a motorbike again !


A reminder that we are having a parish BBQ in the Church Garden on 1st Aug see the details on the Web site and bulletin.  Everyone welcome….starting at 1. 30pm. Pease bring your own drinks. Look forward to seeing you all there ! Make a note in your diary

Have a good week, continue to stay and be safe.



Blog  17 th  _ 18th July  16th Sunday of the Year

Hello Everyone.    Hope you are all enjoying the sun.…. I was very lucky to be able to get a way at the beginning of the week for a mini holiday in Wales.  In this weeks Gospel Christ wasn’t so lucky.  He tried going across the sea [ not to Ireland] but to a quiet spot across on the far side of the Sea of Galilee. Seeking a time of peace and tranquillity. But sadly,…. the crowds went after him and ruined his mini break of peace and quiet. 

I’m sure many of you yourselves have been frustrated and disappointed at losing “your space time” or holiday break and perhaps even became angry as a result ? All your plans ruined ! What did you do ?….How did you react ? Did you take it out on anybody ? Maybe at home with the family….snapping at everyone, kick the dog !  Did you berate the Government?  Were you irritable at work? 

How did you react ? We often take our frustrations out on others and many times not recognise their situation. 

You know, maybe they have had a bad time too… sickness in the family, marriage problems, can’t find work, finance worries, sleepless nights with little babies, teenage tantrums…. the  list goes on.  We all have problems but sometimes we just see the world we live in and forget to see that others could be suffering too.

Christ was probably annoyed that people had ruined his self time but he accepted the situation and sympathised with the crowds. It must have taken all his will power to do this. So let us today, learn from him and try to be more tolerant and understanding of those around us who, may or may not, have bigger worries than ourselves.

Have a good week – enjoy the BBQ’s, family / friends time, walks, chats and laughs. BUT…..

Can I ask you to remember in your prayers this week all those who are sick or housebound and not able to enjoy life in the garden / outdoors.

Never take things for granted !!!

Please note that we are having a parish BBQ in the Church Garden on 1st Aug see the details on the Web site and bulletin.  Everyone welcome….starting at 1:30pm. Pease bring your own drinks. Look forward to seeing you all there !

Fr G

Blog  10th - 11th July  15th Sunday of the Year 


Hello Everyone.    Hope you are all well and happy…. Happy that England are in the final on Sunday night !  Sorry if your country got knocked out but sadly not everyone can win ! It has been great to watch the matches – exciting, plenty of goals, good football and for once good refereeing .... in my opinion ! I think it was a penalty !!!

A busy week just gone – a parish SPAM zoom meeting to sort out our plans and affairs….from buildings to liturgy,  we don’t want to rush too quickly into a free for all after covid restrictions are lifted. Also, we need to  respond to the Synod.  We will be calling on you soon to ask you to help with the first three propositions  -evangelisation; youth; and ecumenism. 

 Jim has been planning several baptisms that are coming up in the next couple of months.!!

Finally great news!

One of our “own” from Warrington is to be appointed a Bishop.

 Congratulations to Canon Tom Neylon.


Have a good week. May the sun shine on you all and remember -  keep…. smiling, praying, laughing and YOUR FAITH !!

God Bless.

 Fr. G.

Blog  3rd / 4thth July  14th Sunday of the Year


Hello Everyone.    my palette is in at long last !

So  smiles all round .

We must have faith if we are looking for miracles; 

This week I want to mention the big disappointments felt by the loosing competitors in sport. At this time there are horrible feelings experienced by both the players and fans especially in Football, Cricket, and Tennis.

 Most of us have had disappointments in our lives, some devastating, some small, but, all hard to take.  We have all experienced this unique pain and “if only” thoughts.

Well, if it is any consolation….. Jesus also suffered big disappointments in his life. See this week’s gospel read by John Glynn  on this week’s  web site.

Imagine Christ, having left home to spend time in the desert, and then moving on to preach around  Palestine, eager to go home and preach to, and heal people, in his own town of Nazareth.

The excitement at the prospect and then the utter disappointment when they rejected him.  All this, together with the fact that he couldn’t work miracles because they didn’t believe in him, must have been devastating. No wonder he turned away muttering to himself ‘I ought to have known, a prophet is only despised in his own country’.  However, Jesus didn’t give up, he found a few people who had faith in him ;- ‘and he laid his hands on those sick people and cured them.  In other words he did what he could do in the circumstances.  That is a message to us.  When we have to settle for less than our hopes, we can make the best of that situation. It might be sudden bad health, shortage of money, disappointment in marriage or what ever. 

Take what you have; and do with it what you can.

 That is what Jesus did.


God Bless.

 Fr. G.

13th Sunday in Ordinary Time


Hello Everyone… Hope you have all had a good week. I’m afraid my week was some what traumatic again! Unfortunately, due to constant bleeding in my mouth I had to get my gums stitched….aaaghh ! All was successful thank God; so I am now able to eat such lovely meals as Corn Beef Hash and mashed up pears and custard !! Felt like I was in heaven when I had my first meal for nearly 4 days !! Next Tuesday I hope to have my palette in (at long last ! ).

So  smiles all round NEXT WEEK !!!

This week we celebrate the feast of SS Peter and Paul.

 St Peter of course is our patron saint and the story comes to mind of Peter fleeing from Rome during the persecution of Christians by the Emperor Nero.  Suddenly he heard a voice asking  him “Quo Vadis?” [the Latin for ‘Where are you going’ ]  he realised it was Jesus who was speaking.  He replied ‘escaping the persecution.’  Jesus said ‘Go back my people need you.’

    We have leant from the Pandemic that we can not always escape from bad situations.  Also, that people need us and Christ asks us to help.  As Christians we can’t always run away; our vocation is as St Francis of Assisi put it:-

‘Where there is hatred,

- let us sow love.

Where there is darkness

-let us bring light.

Where there is sadness,

-let us bring joy.

This is our Christian Vocation and we should all be aware of it.

Meanwhile the children in school are going to celebrate the feast by prayers and projects , by joyous free time and ice cream.  Let’s pray that the sun comes out for them.  We could also, follow their example and spend a little time in prayer ourselves.


God Bless.

 Fr. G.

12th Sunday of Ordinary Time


Hello Everyone… Hope you have all had a good week. I’m afraid my week was some what traumatic.

I had to go to the dentist to be fitted with a top pallet and was expecting to greet you all with a great big smile this week end.  NOT TO BE !!!

 First I had to have two teeth extracted that didn’t stop bleeding for two days and into the bargain when trying to fit the denture another tooth snapped off at the root, so that has to come out… Big drama !       

 The joys of old age !!! On the funny side I have hopefully lost weight as I have only been able to have cold porridge and sips of tea !

The good news is that some parishioners responded to the request to catch up on the many jobs needed to keep our church and grounds clean, tidy and in good repair. A wonderful job was done – THANK YOU to all the helpers and organisers.

I have two more requests.

 First because of the many birds that infest our Memorial Garden, their droppings need to be cleaned up every week or they become too ingrained just to be easily washed off.   Any volunteer to do just this one job ? Only needs to be washed and brushed once a week. It will probably get easier when the mating season is finished.

Second, we have had the annual clean and retuning of the organ.  I was informed that if the organ isn’t played at least once a week it will soon be useless.  Hence I am looking for a volunteer to come once a week [or there about] to play the notes.  Anyone from teenager to centenarian who can play, no matter how rudimentary, a piano, keyboard, organ, or even an accordion. This will not be in public you will have the church to yourself.  Many of you may want to volunteer someone else – let me know !!

Have a good week.

God Bless.

 Fr. G.

Blog  12th / 13thth June  11th Sunday of the Year


Hello Everyone…I hope you are all keeping well and fit ! Certainly the warmer weather makes me look more forward to my daily walks and puts a smile on my face as I pound the lovely paths around the River and Canal here near St Peter’s. We are so blest here with such a beautiful area to explore. Selfishly I fear it has now been discovered by many others during Lockdown and will not be as quiet in the future !! Last week I saw a nest of swans with their 6 young ones. It was fantastic and their presence caused quite a stir in the neighbourhood. The joy of new birth !!


This week we celebrate The Feast of the Sacred Heart. I love the picture of The Sacred Heart as I feel it shows us His love, His care, His tenderness, His forgiveness  and His understanding. His heart makes him look so human. We too have hearts to ooze our love towards others. Imagine life without this love ???  Maybe this coming week we could make an effort to think of ways to share our love of and to others that perhaps we wouldn’t normally do…..

-   give a homeless person some money to buy a sandwich or drink

-   visit someone living on their own or invite them for a drink in your 


-   take some clothes /  goods to your local charity shop/food bank

-   offer to do shopping for a neighbour

-   visit a family member you  havn’t seen for a while

-   tell your family “ You Love Them “ …individually

-    offer to do a job at home that you know your wife / husband / children

     dislikes doing….mow the lawn, wash dishes, hang out washing,

     wash  the car, help with homework / hear the children read, hoover !

     I suggest you don’t clean your teenager’s room!

Have a lovely, peaceful week. Keep safe and remember “ Put a smile on your face and others will smile back ! “      Do any of you remember this hymn?    Sweet Heart of Jesus            God bless Fr G     


The Feast of Corpus Christi – The Body of Christ

Hi everybody.  I’m sure you all have big grins on your faces after a week of sun and warmth; that is, of course, if you are not in Portugal, or  have not booked o go there.  They tell me that the food is good there.  You know that  ‘ you are what you eat’ ; for instance eat too much fat and you become fat; eat too much sugar and you gain sugar and become a diabetic and so on.  This week we celebrate The Feast of Corpus Christi – The Body of Christ.  The Last Supper was the first Mass.  It has two elements.  It is a sacrifice and a meal.  The sacrifice is Christ who gave himself up to death on the cross for us.  This we recalled and celebrated on the Holy Thursday before Easter.

 Today we take time to remember that Christ gave himself as food to us during that meal.  Taking bread and wine he gave it to the apostles saying this is my body, this is my blood. Then he said


 For over 2000 years, every week we have come together as the family of God, and  received Jesus as food.  and tried to become like him.

To become like him we need to digest that food fully; to make it truly part of us.  First we need to digest his words.  His teaching was mainly given by means of parables, but, also, through his answers to the many questions he was asked, like ‘who is my neighbour?’  ‘ what is the greatest commandment?’

Second we must copy his actions.  How did he treat people?  He always treated them with understanding, love and a desire to help.

Thirdly we must digest fully the relationship he has with the Father .  He constantly communicated with him through prayer, always accepted  his wishes saying ‘Not my will be done but yours’

If we do properly receive Christ in Holy Communion, then we will automatically participate in the other element of the Mass, the sacrifice of Christ.  For if we really have true love by receiving and digesting Christ we will forever be making sacrifices  because we will be thinking of others and not just ourselves.  Now that the end of the pandemic is in sight our minds should turn to how we can get our lives back and  build in a weekly trip to church and the Mass.  Maybe, because you have been streaming Mass from various parts of the world you may have some new ideas to enhance the  celebration of our Masses.  We are open to all ideas.  Meanwhile continue to take advantage of the good weather and the easing of some covid restrictions.  I was delighted over the bank holiday weekend to receive three visits from family and friends.  Roll on the end of Lockdown.

God bless  Fr G.

Trinity Sunday and Bank Holiday!

With this Bank Holiday we say goodbye to the month of May – Mary’s month.

Last Friday St Peter’s school children held beautiful Services in the school grounds in honour of  Our Blessed Lady. They started with Year Five who had a small procession and crowned her statue.  Hymns were sung, uplifting prayers were read and flowers brought in praise of Mary the Mother of Jesus.  [there are a few photos to be seen]. 

          May finishes with the Feast of The Visitation, which is on Monday 31st    This feast recalls the visit of Mary, who was pregnant with Jesus, to her cousin Elizabeth who was pregnant with John the Baptist.

          You can feel the joy  between them.  Elizabeth finally pregnant in her old age, and Mary pregnant in unusual circumstances.  Here’s how Luke tell us of the event.


Mary set out and travelled to the hill country in haste to a town of Judah where she entered the house of Zachariah and greeted Elizabeth.  When Elizabeth heard Mary’s greeting the infant leaped in her womb and Elizabeth, filled with the holy spirit, cried out in a loud voice and said, ‘blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb. How does this happen to me, that the mother of


my Lord should come to me? For at the moment the sound of your greeting reached my ears, the infant in my womb leaped for joy.  Blessed are you who believed  that what was spoken to you by the Lord would be fulfilled’.

Then Mary replied with the wonderful prayer that is known to us as the Magnificat.

John Michael Talbot put it to music. It is beautiful.  Listen to it.

PS  Year one from school made me a bag with Mary on the front.  I’m really chuffed with it.

Pentecost Sunday

Hello Everyone. Hope you are all good….well in The  Holy Spirit at least !!

This week is Pentecost week

  After Christ finally went back to his Father in heaven The Apostles returned to Jerusalem to wait for the Holy Spirit; who as you know, came to them with a mighty wind and formed a tongue of fire above each of them.  He gave them seven gifts namely :

wisdom, understanding, council, courage, knowledge, holiness, and reverence for God.

  St Luke, who wrote the book called ‘The Acts of the Apostles’ refers a couple of times to Pentecost. The first time he does so, he tells us that Mary was with them.  He does this to emphasise that Mary was present as the Mother of Jesus at the birth of the Church and this also was the beginning of the Mystical Body of Christ – which is the Church. 

Hence, she is considered to be the Mother of the Church and we are her children.

  Cast your minds back to Christ’s crucifixion.  His last words were spoken to Mary his mother and St John who were at the foot of the cross.  To Mary he said ‘Woman, this is your son’.  and to John he said, ‘this is your mother.’  John represents all Christ’s disciples.

  St John, also wrote the book of the Apocalypse which is about the church but written in code to hide from the Roman Authorities what was going on among the Christians.  Some of the code has been cracked but not all. In this book John tells of a vision of a woman giving birth to a male child but as she does so, a great dragon with seven heads and ten horns comes to eat the child as it is being born, BUT the child was saved and the woman escaped.  John is telling us that the mother is Mary giving birth to the new Christ that is the Church or mystical body of Christ. The dragon is the Roman Empire, with all its evil, trying to wipe out the Christians.  It did not succeed. 


In the words of Pope Francis ‘Today, Mary is still the Mother who watches over us, her children, on our journey through life, often weary and in need, anxious that we don’t  lose faith or hope.  Mary our Mother looks to this pilgrim people whom she loves and who seek her in the silence of their hearts amid the noise and chatter, and distractions of this world through which they journey.

 Under the protection of our Mother, we are strengthened by our faith and hope in the new kingdom to come. ’The Feast of Mary the Mother of the Church falls on Monday the 24th May but I will celebrate it at the public Mass on Wednesday at 7.30pm.  There is plenty of room for anyone who is free to attend. It would be lovely to see you here.


Have a good week. I believe more and more of you are getting your first or even second jab. Hopefully not long now before we can fill up our Church again in safety and  sing to our hearts content !!!

7th Sunday of Easter


Hello Everyone. Hope you all good….well in spirit at least. 

This week we took down our Easter Garden. I felt sad to see it all boxed away as I think it is a beautiful reminder of the Easter Story for us. So colourful, meaningful and realistic in the pictures we change on each of the Easter days. 

Some exciting news we are starting a new youth group this week… Katy, John, and Lauren have taken on this project…please pray for its success. Please also remember in your prayers Mary Bretherton  who is in hospital and Selena’s Dad who is poorly, also Frank who was called back to hospital for further surgery.


As it is the month of May I would like us to think of Mary, Our Blessed Lady.  We haven’t really been able to celebrate her because of the covid restrictions.  We won’t be able to have the usual May Procession in school to which the parishioners are always invited.  However, what is proposed is that on Fri. May 28th each year class will devise their own little service in praise of Our Lady.  We will start with year 6 who will crown Our Lady and leave flowers to honour her.  This will take place in the prayer garden situated in the school grounds; the rest of the classes will follow this, honouring Mary with their own services.  You all know the hymn they sing ‘Bring flowers of the rarest’

Monday 24th May is the feast of our Lady Mother of the Church which is linked with Pentecost and finally Monday 31st May is the Feast of the Visitation.  More about these next week.


I heard a wonderful quote this week that I would like to share with you.

It goes:  “Don’t take on the stress of trying to be perfect.   If you are good at a job you will be perfect! “  It made me laugh !!! 


Hope your week goes well… May all your dreams come true and if not live with what life throws at you !!!!                                                                                                

6th Sunday of Easter


Hi Every one.  I hope you are not despondent with all the rain and cold we are having. There is a silver lining in every cloud !  We needed the rain for the gardens and the one for the cold readily escapes me !

 Smile and the whole word smiles with you….  and that leads me into this week’s theme which is  - ‘Love one another as I have loved you’.

I want to use two songs to remind you of Gods love for all of us and our love for him and our neighbour.  One is the hymn  ‘LOVE IS HIS WORD’  which we have heard many times but perhaps when we have been singing it we haven’t quite taken in the meaning of the words; so I ask you to follow them intently. 


The second song is a pop song by The Troggs from way back.  ‘LOVE IS ALL AROUND’  It is one of my favourites and can be interpreted in many ways.  Listen to, or read the lyrics, having in mind that you are with Christ, but realising that the words COULD BE applied to anyone you meet if you love them as Christ wants you to love them. Of course it very much applies to the one person you love the most in the world !!!

Have a lovely week. Keep and spread your faith and look forward to eating out soon ( indoors ??? )


 Fr G

  5th Sunday of Easter


Hi everybody.  This week the Sunday Gospel is the one where Christ likens himself to a vine and us to the branches.  I can never hear this  gospel without thinking of St Agnes’ my first parish in 1964.   We were building a new church and for weekday Masses were using an old hall close to the house and attached to it by a long glasshouse that held a beautiful old vine that was always full of grapes each year.  An old priest friend of the parish priest use to come every year to prune it.  I couldn’t help but think what a good example Christ had chosen to illustrate the union that exists between the Church - us – and himself.  The sap of the vine has to reach the very ends of the branches thus permeating throughout the whole of the tree which doesn’t grow upwards so much as outwards in every direction that it can purchase a hold.  Christ is the vine we are the branches and the sap is Christ’s spirit living within us.  We need to be pruned of any evil or impurity within us in order to remain healthy, life giving and fruitful.  

During this transitional period we had set up a confessional screen in the room as you entered the house.  Hence the glasshouse or conservatory, effectively became a corridor between the make shift church and the house.   One particular day during the children’s first confessions I was behind the screen hearing their confessions when   suddenly all I could here was heavy breathing from the other side of the screen.  Thinking the child to be nervous or afraid I started to coax him/her not to worry or be anxious -  still, only heavy breathing so I felt I must go round the screen to allay his/her fear.  

What did I see?  A dog with its back legs on the kneeler and front paws on the ledge above, tongue hanging out panting and the rest of the children solemnly lined up behind him.

I never did find out what it had to confess!

2nd Sunday of Easter

Hi everybody.

This week will be remembered for the fiasco over the setting up, and collapse of the Super League.  Pope Francis is a great follower of football and I was expecting him to comment about the events.  So far I have not seen any .  However it gives me the opportunity to introduce you to his latest encyclical called ‘Fratelli Tutti’.  He begins this way 

         “With these words St Francis of Assisi addressed his brothers and sisters and proposed a way of life to them marked by the flavour of the gospels.  The Saint of  fraternal love, joy and simplicity inspires me.  Francis felt himself a brother to the sun, the sea and the wind yet he knew that he was even closer to those of his own flesh.  Wherever he went he sowed seeds of peace and walked along side the poor, the abandoned the infirm and the outcast, the least of his brothers and sisters.”

Pope Francis has a dislike for the way big business has developed with greed as its driving force and complete disregard for individuals unless a profit can be had.  He also has a strong distaste for politics that encourage such businesses and have a culture of wanting to be rid of people who no longer bring in profit.  He wants a better kind of politics which is not subordinated to financial interests, but to serving the common good, able to place the dignity of every human being at the centre, and assure work to everyone, so that each one can develop his or her own abilities.  From the world wide pandemic he hopes that a new mind set will emerge one inspired by Christ’s teaching on fraternity and social friendship.  

We are one big family; and family members, despite their differences, love each other and look after their weakest members.   So this week can I ask you to at least read the introduction to this encyclical  ‘FRATELLI TUTTI’, you can find this free on Google books!

2nd Sunday of Easter ( Sunday of Divine Mercy)


Hi Everyone !  I trust you are still full of the joy and warmth of Easter, even though the weather has tried to turn us into blocks of ice !


This Sunday is Divine Mercy Sunday which was instigated by Pope John Paul 2 in 2000 when he canonised Sister Faustina Kowalska

Sr Faustina had a vision of Christ with two great rays of light coming from his heart. One is red, and the other is white, recalling the Blood and Water that flowed from his side when the Centurion thrust his spear into him on the Cross.

The Church has always seen this as the out-pouring of Christ’s love and mercy on the world. This is mostly received by us through The Sacraments. The red ray is representing the sacrifice of The Mass, the Eucharist and Holy Communion.


The white ray represents the grace flowing from his heart which is his Merciful Spirit received through the sacraments….. The Holy Spirit is Christ’s spirit who gives us:



1.Wisdom 2.Understanding 3.Counsel 4. Fortitude 5.Knowledge  6.Piety 7.The fear of the Lord

 He also gives us the TWELVE FRUITS : 

1.Charity 2.Joy 3.Peace 4.Patience 5.Benignity 6.Goodness

7.Longanimity 8.Mildness  9.Faith.10.Modesty.

11.Continency 12.Chastity.


John Paul 2 chose this day for the feast because the Sunday    Gospel is that of Thomas saying that he will not believe that Christ is risen unless he can put his hand into the hole in Christ’s side that the spear made.

St Bernard of Clairvaux in the 12th Century once said “The secrets of Christ’s heart are revealed to us through the holes in his Body.

All this is called “ The Divine Mercy of God “


Have a lovely week. Keep safe…smiling and your faith !!!

Fr G

Easter Sunday

Hello Everyone and a very Happy Easter to you all !

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend with family and friends. Isn’t it great to receive visitors again. 

It is wonderful to have our Easter Services in Church this year – be it very much reduced in content, but, after last year where we had no services at all, it is so uplifting. 

A big thanks to all who have helped to get our Church ready to open, especially to Jim our Deacon and the stewards, without whom we wouldn’t be having Mass at all. 

Last Tuesday in The Gospel, we heard how Judas betrayed Christ.  As Judas left the Last Supper, John the apostle, who was telling the story, remarked “night had fallen”. He wasn’t only referring to the night time, but the darkness of betrayal, despair and evil.  It is from this that Christ will redeem us.

For us personally, Covid has been our darkness and evil. Now, however, the flowers are out, the sun is warm and Covid seems to be slowly fading. This is our experience of Resurrection. 

Resurrection does  need to be experienced. As the stone was rolled back from the grave, so it needs to be rolled back from our hearts, so that our hearts are empty of all evil and only good and love arises from them. For this, we need hope and faith that this will happen.

The darkness of Covid is more intense for some people than others. For instance, those who have lost their jobs, young people who see a bleak future in their careers, those whose relationships have become strained or even broken, and those affected mentally. For these faith in the Resurrection will be harder to recognise. 

When the Apostles were faced with the empty grave, it took a while to dawn on them, that Christ had Risen. They needed witnesses to be convinced themselves, and then to convince others.

We ourselves are probably already elated and joyful in The Resurrection of Christ, and convinced about us rising from the darkness of Covid. We must be the witnesses, to give faith and hope to those who have not yet experienced their hope in their Resurrection. They will need both our help and support.



Hi Everyone.

We are now entering Holy Week the last stage on our journey to meeting Christ in the resurrection.  We have been looking during Lent at what we think needs to be changed in our lives if we wish to get a better relationship with Christ. 

The Lenten readings have suggested that we concentrate on the eradication of selfishness. Selfishness means, that when we do something, we only think about what we want and take no consideration of the effect that it will have on others.  At this stage in our journey we have come to realise that a few or many things will have to change, even it is only to clear up and wash the dishes after a meal instead of just sitting there while others do it; or it may be as simple as allowing some one else to choose the television programme; or outside to consider our litter footprint.  The younger you are the bigger the changes in your life may be.                                             

Most people, I think, like Pope Francis, and admire his approach to people.  It was only recently that I heard of three great changes in his life that probably caused him to stop, think, and change course. The first was as a young seminarian, he fell ill with a severe lung infection and the upper part of his right lung had to be removed to save his life.  During convalescence he decided to become a Jesuit.

The second was in 1986 when he moved to Germany to complete his thesis.   While there he felt such terrible loneliness that he moved back home to Argentina without finishing it.

The third crisis was during a two year period of exile.  After he had finished his term as head of the Jesuit Order, he was sent to Cordoba a remote and hard place to live in the north of Argentina. He was sent there as a penance for being too strict and too harsh as head of the order !

Each crisis deepened his faith, each one purifying him, each one bringing him closer to God, and bringing him to have compassion for the sick, lonely and marginalised.   Being close to God gives us a more perfect humanity.

5th Sunday of Lent

At the moment there is a lot of righteous anger that the NHS staff are not getting a proper pay rise. They obviously should; they have selflessly risked their lives for people without any thought of remuneration.

“ It’s a vocation” said one Dr who came back from retirement to help. 

It has probably always been so, but certainly since Florence Nightingale nurses have always given generously of their time in normal and dangerous times with little thought of themselves.

At college I loved A.J. Cronin’s books. One he wrote about his days as a medical officer to a Welsh mining company. In fact they made a TV series about it, with the emphasis on the district nurse. I forget the title.  Any one remember ?

In his book Cronin wrote “ I have told you of Olwen Davies, the middle aged district nurse who for more than 20 years, with fortitude and patience, calmness and cheerfulness, served the people of Tregenny. This unconscious selflessness, which above all seemed the keynote of her character, was so poorly rewarded, it worried me. Although she was much beloved by the people, her salary was most inadequate. And, late one night after a particularly strenuous case, I ventured to protest to her as we drank a cup of tea together. “Nurse” I said, “why don’t you make them pay you more ? It is ridiculous that you should work for so little”  She raised her eyebrows slightly. But she smiled. “ I have enough to get along “  “No really”  I persisted, “ You ought to have an extra pound a week at least. God knows you are worth it ! “ There was a pause. Her smile remained, but her gaze held a gravity, an intensity which startled me. “ Doctor” she said “ If God knows I’m worth it, that’s all that matters to me “

All our generosity, all our sacrifices, even if they are not acknowledged or recognised, they are a sharing in Christ’s suffering and are absolutely important for the improvement of our world and the coming of Christ’s Kingdom. We die to ourselves that life may come to others.

Father G

Mothers Day Mass – Covid  Weekend 13th / 14th March 2021



Good Evening / Morning Everyone.  Lovely to see you all again !

Before we begin our Mass may I first congratulate all Mothers today !

Happy Mothers Day !!    Have a lovely day ladies ( tomorrow ), enjoy, let yourselves be spoilt and make the most of it !

This week we celebrate The Feasts of St Patrick on Wednesday and St Joseph on Friday. A great week to start back our public Masses.

This Mass is being said for -

  • Saturday : Moreen Wagner. 
  • Sunday : Anne Wenmoth.
  • Wednesday: People of The Parish.   

This week’s Mass theme is about God’s Love, Patience and forgiveness.  It is the theme of Lent when we try to imitate God in his Love, Patience and forgiveness.  I want to present to you a rather endearing story.

There is the story told about God making the very first mother

‘He gave her fascinating eyes to see through closed doors, knowing what the kids are up to before she asks.  Those same gentle eyes can talk to a child who fails, saying: ‘I understand; and I love you’.  God was fashioning her beautifully soft, but very tough, when a curious angel, watching the creation ran a finger across her face and said

‘Oh, there’s a leak here.’.  God quickly explained it was not a leak it was a tear.  The angel asked the meaning of a tear and God said it stood for ’joy, sadness, disappointment, pain, loneliness and pride in her family’.  The angel smiled and told God he was a real genius to place a tear on her face.  God looked puzzled and replied, ‘but I didn’t put it there!’

Every mother’s cheeks have  had their share of tears.  God didn’t put them there, but he knows why they’re there and so do we.

Mothers on this your celebration day – Thank you for caring.

Third Sunday in Lent –6th/7th March

Hello Everyone.  

Well next Saturday we will once again be back celebrating Mass publically in St Peter’s. It will be lovely to see everyone again and I am really looking forward to celebrating and praying together with you. It seems such a long time ago !  

We begin our Masses on Saturday 13th March and then on Sunday 14th March both at 11a.m. 

Beginning on March 17th I will be celebrating a weekly Wednesday evening Mass at 7.30. It is the Feast of St Patrick that day which will be nice to celebrate together ! 

In anticipation for the Masses this coming week, may I thank Jim our Deacon and all the stewards who have once again volunteered to help with getting the Church sanitised and cleaned in preparation to celebrate Mass. Without these people we would not be able to hold the Masses. I am sure I am speaking on behalf of all the parishioners when I say “Thank you”  to them. 

Whilst I am saying “Thank you” may I also mention Tom Foy who throughout Lockdown has gallantly prepared our weekly newsletter for the website and both Katy and Val for doing such a wonderful job in producing it. Many people have commentated on how wonderful our website is !!! Well done !

Finally… many thanks also to Tony Hawley for power washing the grounds of the Memorial Garden. It is now looking beautiful once again ! Let’s hope the flying plastic hawks keep away the birds this year !!

Thank you for your generous donations / offerings to CAFOD via the Family Fast Day… if you have any further offerings either from the Fast Day or “Walk for Water” challenge please just pop the envelopes through the Presbytery letterbox. Thank you !

Have a nice weekend. See you next weekend !!!

Fr G

Second Sunday in Lent – 27/28th Feb


    Hi Everybody....and a special greeting to anyone who has Welsh blood ! It is your Feast Day on Monday. We celebrate St David... Patron Saint of Wales. He came from Pembrokeshire and is famous for founding the two great Monasteries of Glastonbury and Minervia. He had the nickname Aquaticus because his monks only drank water - no beer or wine which was the usual drink in those days.

On Thursday of this week at 1.45 pm there is the Requiem Mass for Moreen Wagner. Though Moreen only joined the Catholic Church in 2001 she had been a Catholic at heart for many years. She also taught for many years in St Peter's School so many of her pupils are our own parishioners. May she "Rest in Peace".

There is some positive news this week. The Deanery Priests have decided that if we don't over react,and we continue to abide strictly to the Covid Rules we can open our Churches again for Mass (with the same limited numbers ) from the weekend 13th/14th March . It is also Mothers Day which is lovely !

Mass Times as usual for the Saturday and Sunday Masses....11 am

Warrington Hospital is sadly still full of Covid patients. Numbers may be coming down from the high peak that they were, but they still remain high. So please ....keep the distance rules when coming to and going from Mass. Do not stop and chat after Mass in either the garden or the car park.

Lastly please look on the Church website under "Events" and join in the " Pave the Way to Easter".

Finally, I would like to share with you this lovely short verse that I saw this week and thought how appropriate it is for us all during Lockdown. Have a lovely week, keep sensible in your activities and remember to smile can often make someones day !

Fr G

First Sunday in Lent – 20/21 Feb


Hello Everyone

Lent started on Wednesday. I hope you all managed to receive your ashes either during one of the Masses being streamed or from joining us in our Virtual Service on Ash Wednesday. This Service was recorded and can still be assessed on this website if you missed it.


We are maybe wondering where to start our Lenten journey. Well, CAFOD FAMILY FAST DAY is next Friday 28th February. Why not make it more real by actually fasting on that day? One small breakfast in the morning; nothing all day not even a biscuit or sweet then ending the day with a moderate dinner in the evening. It is important however to drink liquid during the day. – don’t dehydrate. Then put a substantial  donation in an envelope and drop it into the parish house letterbox. We will count all donations and send the money onto CAFOD. Please encourage your friends and relations to do the same. I know that is not easy but it is for a really good cause. CAFOD do great work around the world and we really should support and help them.


Then there is a bigger challenge :  CAFOD wants to help communities who have to walk miles for fresh water  by supplying wells or solar powered water pumps to their villages. See the CAFOD video. / fast day.


The challenge is to get your relations and friends to sponsor you for a 10 mile walk or less – perhaps once or twice round Woolston Park. Collect the money and drop it off at the presbytery any time during Lent. A ten mile walk is suggested because Abdella in Ethiopia does a 10 mile round trip each day to collect water. He says his life is being wasted as he has no time to do anything else. I find that really sad. Any length of a sponsored walk would be a help to this project. Every small amount counts. Thank you on behalf of CAFOD.


 On a lighter note I feel Spring is definitely in the air now. Walking around Woolston Park today it was lovely to see children riding bikes and in the playground..  Last time I was there it was snow and ice on the swings !!! Crocus and snowdrops are pushing their way up around the garden and the daffodils are almost in full bloom. Their beautiful yellow colours brighten my day. It is less cold and the days are getting longer. I can now stay out in the garden till 5.30pm !!!

Have a good week folks. Try to keep up your Lenten promises and prayer life, and remember to think of others.

JOY…..Jesus, Others and Yourselves last !!!


Fr G                      

6th Sunday in Ordinary Time– 13/14th February 2021

Hi Everyone,

                       I hope you all enjoyed this week as much as I did.:- so fresh and sunny.  It made you want to get into the garden and do a few jobs in preparation for spring; and having got out, to see the snow drops and crocus smiling at you and the daffodils and bluebells pushing their way through was quite exhilarating.

   This Sunday’s readings, about lepers being directed to isolate outside the communities, reminds us of our own situations, and the danger that our nurses and doctors have put themselves into in order to help their fellow human beings.  Apart from covid patients I have encountered many who have had to go into hospital for other illnesses and they were all full of praise at the care and love they received.

 When the leper asked Jesus to cure him I think he got the courage to ask from knowing that compassion, care and love just ouzed from Jesus.  Jesus did not fail him.  “Of course I want to heal you” said Jesus even though he knew by touching the leper, he himself would be regarded as a leper, and would have to self isolate and would not be allowed to enter any town or village.   It is the love of Jesus not the miracle that Mark wants to emphasise.  He wants us to imitate that love because that’s the only thing that will make us ‘Christ like’.

 During our prayer session on Thursday evening, we were challenged by Steve O’Reilly to clarify our thoughts about science and our faith.  Do they clash?  Does one deny the other?   Most of those present didn’t see any real problem to accepting both.  Both are trying to find the ultimate truth and they are running on parallel lines. When the facts are not known, or are obscure, then scientists have faith in scientists and religion has faith in God. 

Examples: Did humans get to the moon? We have not been and all pictures can be simulated by computers.  In the end we have faith in the scientists.

Did the Red Sea really part  to allow  the Isrealites to cross  and escape  the Egyptians?  The writer wasn’t writing a history book so wasn’t interested in historical details.  The Isrealites were in danger, they prayed to God to save them – and he did.  They put their faith in God.  If the scientist want answers to the seeming miracle they need to find the facts; the same as they need to find the facts to the miracle of the Cosmos.


This week we celebrated the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes. A very special place in the eyes of many people here in our parish. On February 11th I enclosed a few photos of our parish pilgrimages including our wonderful young people with their group. Lauren also kindly sang “As I kneel before you “.

Today I am including a video sent to me by a good friend of mine called Chaddy. He started as a teenager with the Youth Pilgrimage, moved onto the over 18’s and finally is now a member of the Lourdes Hospitality who are responsible for all sick pilgrims. I am so proud of him.  

Chaddy ( Anthony Chadwick ) sent me this video singing for me one of my favourite hymns to Our Lady which I would now like to share with you.  Enjoy !!!

4th Sunday in Ordinary Time– 31st January 2021

Hello Everyone.

I can’t believe it is another week over. I still can’t remember what day of the week it is….but I am not worried as I think I am not alone there !

Some various bits of news this week :


    - Barbara Greenhough has had her operation and all went well.  I spoke  

      to her on Tuesday night and she was in fine spirits. Obviously relieved

      it is all over and now ready for her recovery period….hopefully it is

      Penny’s turn to look after her ! I have just spoken to her on the phone

      and she is hoping to come home on Monday.


  -   Sad news, Jean Molphy died this week. Our thoughts and prayers are

      with her husband John and the family.


  -   I continue to say Mass most days and remember you all in my

       prayers. It is still strange without you all….missing you ! Can I ask

       you to remember in your prayers all of the sick and housebound

       people in our Parish…. too many to mention everyone by name.


 -     Our Prayer Group met up again on Zoom on Thursday night. I was

       able to join in this week…..well I couldn’t get my picture up but I

        heard it all ok and it was wonderful. Very inspiring – people sharing

       their views about prayer. How prayer is involved in their lives. Some

      were brave enough to share their favourite prayers.

       John, Carole and Lauren Glynn led it this week….over to Sandra

       Dawson to lead the zoom session next Thursday at 7.30 pm.

       I  would strongly encourage all of you to take part. A very rewarding and

       non threatening experience …simply listen to others or join in if you feel

       comfortable enough to. It only lasts half an hour.


-      It actually stopped raining on Wednesday so I was able to get out

        into the garden. Moving the wood chippings and pruning bushes and

        trees is great exercise and I must admit the grounds on the far side of

        the car park are looking much neater and more open.


-       Frank Hawley is now ready for the next part of his treatment so please

         keep him in your prayers.



That’s all for this week folks ! Hope you are all keeping well and in good spirits…..I know it is not easy but keep you chin up and smile often !!!!


Fr G

5th Sunday in Ordinary Time– 7th February 2021

Hello Everyone,

Where has this week gone?? It only seems 2 minutes since I was typing  last week’s Blog!

This week we celebrate the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes on Thursday 11th February.

It is also a day of prayer for all sick people. Please especially remember all the sick people in our parish in your prayers on that day. I have enclosed a photo of the last time we went on a parish Pilgrimage to Lourdes in 2019. I have some wonderful memories of those trips. Have a look on the website on Thursday as I will be putting more photos up of our past pilgrimages to Lourdes including our wonderful young people who did tremendous work there with the sick pilgrims. Lauren has kindly agreed to sing on video a lovely hymn to Our Lady called “ Hail Mary Gentle Woman “

We have received a Thank You letter from SPUC for the money we raised for their White Flower Appeal : £164.

They have asked us for help in campaigning against three issues ;

  1. Home abortions pushed through parliament under Covid-19 regulations by those getting rich out of abortion clinics and drugs.
  2. Abortion to be entirely removed from the criminal  Law.
  3. The abortion lobby flooding our schools with pro abortion propaganda.

Please support and help SPUC fighting back against these challenges facing them.

Have a good week. As always stay safe and enjoy the fresh air on your walks ! By the way if anyone wants a free copy of  The Catholic ‘Pic just knock on the presbytery door and we‘ll throw you one over the fence ! ! !

 Fr G 

3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Hello Everyone,

Sunday is Christian Unity Sunday, so don't forget to pray for unity and maybe ring up a non-catholic friend and say that you are praying 'that all may be one as the Father and Jesus are one'


Life for me has become unreal again as I say Mass in an empty church. However, the image of familiar faces in front of me has not gone away so I don't feel so alone at Mass. We are together in Spirit !

I am certainly remembering you all in my daily prayers and I hope you are remembering me in yours !


Meanwhile, since since the church was closed, 7 trees have been cut down and most of the others pollarded for safety. You will find the Memorial Garden a much more pleasant place to sit in the Spring....see photos.

Hopefully there will be less nests and birds flying around. They leave such a mess.

We have been busy covering the garden with wood chippings. Hopefully we will have no weeding this year.


We have plenty of chippings left so if any of you would like some for your gardens do come and help yourselves. You could combine it with a lovely walk along the river or canal. Just bring sacks or bin bags. You will be most welcome as there is tons of the stuff !!!


Have a lovely week - please keep the Covid rules and keep safe. Please God we will all meet again soon. I have had my vaccine jab so am looking forward to a game of golf....I won't hold my breath though !!!

Fr. G

Intro  10th Jan 2021  covid

Good morning everyone and a big welcome to our weekly Mass.

I hope you are all coping with our latest Lockdown.  On a positive note – the nights are getting shorter. It is light now till 4.30pm….. Soon be time to plant our tomatoes and spuds again !

 This week we celebrate  The Baptism of The Lord

The Mass is being said   in Thanksgiving;  Sun Betty James                                Thurs :  Brian Corbett

 Can I ask you now to PLEASE SIT

Christmas was a great celebration of the baby Jesus being born. We all felt LOVEY DOVEY over the baby and would have loved to ask Mary if we could hold him. We sang Silent Night, Sleep Holy Babe and much more. Then the shepherds came - they seemed to represent all the poor and marginalised of the world; but later came the Wise Kings – representing all the rich, privileged, high and mighty of the world….but every one adored the child.

All around the baby there was love and acceptance and you couldn’t help wondering “Who is this Child ?”   and  “What will he turn out to be?“

We don’t find the answer to that until we meet his cousin John… 30 odd years later. John is calling people to be baptised and to change their lives because The Saviour is coming. When Jesus turns up and insists on his own baptism John reluctantly baptises him, and then, as he does so, we receive the answer to our question “Who is this child?” “What will he turn out to be?”

God the Father himself, gives us the answer “You are my beloved Son”

 God repeats this at the Transfiguration “This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased; listen to Him !

Let us now listen to the voice that calls US beloved children and gives us a job to do…that of proclaiming the Gospel and living it. How? By loving God and our neighbour, the poor, the rich, even the high and mighty so that we create in our world an atmosphere of love and acceptance.



Let us now call to mind, and confess, our faults and failings and then I will give you Absolution.

 Silent reflection


                                                    “ I confess…”


 “ Through the Ministry of the Church may God give you pardon and peace and I absolve you from your sins in The Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit  





Bidding Prayers


Celebrant :    Loving Father we bring to you our petitions, our thoughts, our worries

                        safe in the knowledge of your love and support…


Silent reflection


Celebrant:  On this day of The Baptism of The Lord let us ask Mary to help us to listen to the will of The Father and to help us build our world in an atmosphere of love and acceptance.

   Hail Mary     



Celebrant  :  Loving Father, may every nation on earth adore you. Hear our petition

                     and, united with the Blessed Virgin Mary, draw us close to your Son,

                     who is our Lord now and for ever.  AMEN.





Intro 2nd January 2021 Covid


Good morning everyone and may I wish you all A Very Happy New Year ! Lets hope 2021 is a more pleasant, healthy and Covid free year for us all !

Once again a big welcome to our weekly Mass.


 Today we celebrate  The Feast of The Epiphany

The Mass is being said for :  -  Tony Tasker

Sun ( Feast of The Epiphany ) Patrica McKeown

Thurs : ( Feast of The Epiphany ) People of The Parish


 Can I ask you now to PLEASE SIT


Today we welcome the Three Wise Men because they were wise enough to recognise the little baby as Christ, the saviour of the world.

That is what we are celebrating on this Feast day of the Epiphany. 


Jesus Christ is God made man who has come to save us by showing us how to achieve heaven.  We do it by imitating his love for God and people.

Let us now call to mind, and confess, our faults and failings and then I will give you Absolution.

 Silent reflection


                                                    “ I confess…”


 “ Through the Ministry of the Church may God give you pardon and peace and I absolve you from your sins in The Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit





Bidding Prayers


Celebrant :    Following the example of The Three Wise Men, we come before the Lord in adoration with our gifts and petitions.  We humbly ask that the whole world will follow Christ through our example of  love and compassion :

Silent reflection

On this Feast of The Epiphany let us ask Mary to help us all to work together, to make this Year 2021, one full of hope, love and togetherness….:

   Hail Mary     

Celebrant  :  Loving Father, may every nation on earth adore you. Hear our petition and, united with the Blessed Virgin Mary, draw us close to your Son, who is our Lord now and for ever.  AMEN.  


The corona virus seems to be getting worse and during this winter so many of us seem to be suffering from various illnesses  - so much that we may tend to ask :

What is the point ??

But notice that in today’s Gospel, the Angel Gabriel didn’t ask Mary to be the Mother of the Redeemer he announced she was going to be !   Her response was to say:

“Yes OK” I will accept that with all that it entails but how will it work out?


Whatever happens to us… that must be our response also BUT we must also have the same trust in God that Mary had and expect the same love from Him as He gave her.



Intro 1st January 2021 Covid


Good morning everyone and may I wish you all A Very Happy New Year ! Lets hope 2021 is a more pleasant, healthy and Covid free year for us all !

I pray 2021 will bring EVERYONE in our world to a realisation of the need to be less selfish, less egoistic and more Christian in our attitudes towards each other   again a big welcome to our weekly Mass.

 Today we celebrate  The Feast of Mary, Mother of God


This Mass is being said for :  - Jim + Elsie Sheeran

Please make yourselves comfortable by sitting




Mary is the mother of Jesus and our mother, also; Jesus revealed this to us when, dying on the cross. He spoke to Mary with these words                                                      “ Mother behold your son”, and then to John “Behold your mother”

In Jesus Mary had the perfect son.

Mothers love their children by instinct.  It is a love like no other.  In their eyes they have the best, brightest most perfect child  despite the child’s failings This can be illustrated when, say a teacher points out some fault. “Oh it wasn’t my child, my child wouldn’t do that, the others are to blame “. A mother’s instinctive love coming to the fore.

Therefore, let us rely on Mary’s motherly love, for help among the sorrows and joys of this world.

Whilst I was in the seminary a Retreat Father gave us an image of Mary that I have never forgot. It was judgement day in heaven and all the Holy Souls were lined up to be judged. There was a large pair of scales. One side for our sins the other for our good actions. Mary was standing on the good action side. Every time the scales began to go down with the weight of our sins Mary would surreptitiously pull down on the good side.

As a Mother she is always on our side. As a mother she is always full of compassion and her love for us, like Christ’s, is always unconditional.


And that is what we celebrate today 



Intro 27th December 2020 Covid


Good morning everyone. I hope you are all well and had a lovely Christmas.. be that it was,  no doubt, different to previous years !

Once again a big welcome to our weekly Mass. Today we celebrate

The Feast of The Holy Family and

This Mass is being said for :  - 

 Sun :  Teresa Evans  

 Tues : Colin Hodgett, Dominic Christopher Byrne and Don Cullen.

Fri : The feast of Mary, Mother of God Jim and Elsie Sheeran.

Sat : (Feast of The Epiphany ) Tony Tasker

. Can I ask you now to PLEASE SIT down.

Over the lockdown it has been difficult for families with young children to come to Mass as a family.  Usually, for my words of wisdom on this day, I normally point to the congregation and simply say, you are my sermon, you families are witnesses to what good family life should portray.

 Instead I will recall a priest Fr Peyton who in the 1950s started the family rosary and started the catch phrase ‘the family that prays together stays together. Many families did start to say the rosary together each evening.  Now when I ask children if they ever pray most say ‘yes in school and at night’  GREAT!  

Maria von Trapp mother of the van Trapp family of the sound of music fame, use to urge the whole family to take at least 5-15 mins a day to find time to pray, no matter how difficult it was.  She took for her inspiration from Our Lady, whose name she had been given, because as we read over Christmas, at the birth of Christ, when so  much was going on, Mary pondered all these things in her heart.  Jesus spent most of his life in the family home because he knew that family life is so important.  The family is a microcosm of the whole Family of Man as the song tells us.  If families are sound then the neighbourhood is sound and if that is sound then society will be sound then the country, the continent and so on. Most fairy tales- our dreams, end with the two lovers finding each other and all living happily ever after.  Good families normally come from good families.


That is what this feast is all about.



Let us now call to mind, and confess, our doubts and failings and then I will give you Absolution.  “ Through the Ministry of the Church may God give you pardon and peace and I absolve you from your sins in The Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit. Amen.


 Silent reflection

                                         “ I confess…”





Bidding Prayers


Celebrant   God humbled himself to be born of a human family and sanctified family life forever.  As members of God’s family, we now pray for the needs of our families and our world.



Silent reflection

 Hail Mary     +


Celebrant  God our Father, as we remember the Holy Family, the shepherds and the magi, we pray that we will continue to give homage to Jesus; especially when we receive him in Holy Communion, he who lives and reigns for ever and ever.    Amen





Advent Intro  19th Dec. ‘20


Good morning everyone. I hope you are all well.


Once again a big welcome to our weekly Mass celebration.


This Mass is being said for :  -  Sat : People of the Parish

 Sun :  Jack Redmond, Sheila + Arthur Shuttleworth, Stephen Walklett, and Sean Rogers

Mon : Fr Bernard Eager ( private Mass )

Tues : Arthur Wilkinson ( Private Mass )


Christmas Masses:  Janet + John Gildea,  John + Ottalie Bishop, Hynes + Byrnes Families, Brenda Hattersley, Rita + Geoff Boyer, Dennis + Jean Foy.  


Today we light our Fourth Advent Candle. First week was the candle of promise; the second, the candle of light, the third week was the candle of joy.

This week we light the fourth candle, the candle of LOVE.

St John tells us :- “That God so loved the world that he gave us his only begotten Son, so that whoever believed in Him would have eternal life “

So our fourth candle is the candle of LOVE.


For our Jesse Tree this week we will be thinking about: John the Baptist and the Holy Family.

Joseph symbolised by a hammer and a saw.

Mary symbolised by a rose.

John the Baptist symbolised by a writing board and pen.

Jesus symbolised by a star.

         Can I ask you now to PLEASE SIT down.



Let us now call to mind, and confess, our doubts and failings and I will give you  Absolution. 

 Silent reflection

“ I confess…”


“ Through the Ministry of the Church may God give you pardon and peace and I absolve you from your sins in The Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit. Amen.






Bidding Prayers


 Priest  :  With longing for The Lord and his coming at Christmas, we offer him our

                prayers as we turn to him with our needs….

Silent reflection

 Hail Mary     rejoiced to be the mother of Jesus: at foot of cross our mother also



Priest:    Father you so loved the world that you sent your only Son, Jesus Christ,

              to be our Redeemer. Grant that united with Him in charity, we may

             love you with the love of The Holy Spirit. We make this prayer through

             Jesus Christ our Lord.  AMEN.  




The corona virus seems to be getting worse and during this winter so many of us seem to be suffering from various illnesses  - so much that we may tend to ask :

What is the point ??

But notice that in today’s Gospel, the Angel Gabriel didn’t ask Mary to be the Mother of the Redeemer he announced she was going to be !   Her response was to say:

“Yes OK” I will accept that with all that it entails but how will it work out?

Whatever happens to us… that must be our response also BUT we must also have the same trust in God that Mary had and expect the same love from Him as He gave her.


 This week I want to introduce you to the “O” Antiphons. You are not unfamiliar with them.    Basically they have been paraphrased in the verses of the hymn :

“O Come O Come Emmanuel “.  They are the antiphons sung before The Magnificat ( Mary’s prayer of praise ) at Vespers. One is sung each evening  from the 17th – 23rd December. 


Basically they are asking God to give us wisdom to understand that he created us and gave us the Ten Commandments which were explained to us by Moses. Having broken them so often we have brought upon ourselves misery and suffering so we cry out  “ come and save us Lord “.  He did so via the ancestry of king David.

 Christmas is the time when we sing “Rejoice, Rejoice!

Emmanuel shall come to thee, O Israel”

  Christmas is just as real and relevant today as it was 2020 years ago, when Christ was born in Bethlehem.



We are putting the “O” Antophons on the website and I would like you each day to join in. Many of you have been unable to attend Mass during Advent and hence may have missed out on the religious preparation. To join in with the antiphons may help us to focus all week on the coming birth of Jesus.

2nd Sunday of Advent Intro  4th Dec. ‘20


Good morning everyone.

Once again a big welcome to our weekly Mass celebration.

You have all been sadly missed !

This Mass is being said for :  -  Emily Foley and Margaret Hartery.

Sun- Sean McKeown.            Thurs : Liam O’Neil.


 Last week we started Advent without you in Church. We lit the first Advent candle, the candle of promise. Today we light the candle of light called so because God prepared a very special light, to show the way, to the birth of Jesus. It was the STAR over the stable of Bethlehem.

So, this second purple candle reminds us that Jesus was to become The Light Of The World.

He is our STAR, burning brightly to show us the way to heaven.

We also erected our Jesse Tree. We are gradually dressing it with symbols from the Old Testament depicting the promise of the Saviour – Jesus Christ.

These symbols are explained in your bulletins


Advent is a time to prepare for Christmas which is a reliving of the birth of Christ into this world, but more important a re - welcoming of Christ into our own personal lives. We need to prepare for this rebirth by repenting of all that hinders us from having a true and honest relationship with Jesus


Can I now ask you to PLEASE SIT DOWN :










Let us now call to mind, and confess, our faults and failings; and I will give you  General Absolution. 

 Silent reflection

“ I confess…”


“ Through the Ministry of the Church may God give you pardon and peace and I absolve you from your sins in The Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit. Amen.






Bidding Prayers


 Priest  : Let us offer our petitions to the Eternal father, who sent St John the Baptist to announce the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. We turn to him with our needs….

Silent reflection

 Hail Mary



Priest:  Heavenly Father, St John the Baptist preached repentance and the coming of Jesus Christ, your Son, and as Pope Francis said  “We pray, this Advent, that our personal relationship with Jesus Christ be nourished by The Word Of God and a life of prayer”  We make this prayer through Jesus Christ our Lord.  AMEN.                                                                                                                                                                                  


Advent begins this week end. It is a time when we prepare ourselves for the coming of Jesus. This year, because of covid 19, we will have to think hard about who we will invite to be in our Christmas 'bubble'. This may make us re-examine our relationships with family and friends; will we need to make up with or forgive anyone?

This Advent there is one hope that I have, and that is that you will all invite into your 'bubble' the one whose birthday it is:- Jesus. We normally do this at the Mass we attend on Christmas eve or Christmas day. unfortunately most of you wont be able to come to Mass this Christmas because the covid rules only allow for restricted numbers: for St Peters that is 40 people per Mass. However, there has been at least one good outcome from covid - people have discovered anew, personal prayer and praying together as a family even if it is only 'grace before meals' or night prayer.

May I plead with you to find more time to pray during Advent.

I also recommend that you say a decade of the Rosary together on the 3rd and 4th Sunday of Advent and, then, on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning gather together before the crib and say the third decade of the Joyful mysteries 'the birth of Christ.'


So:-Sunday 14th Dec Gaudete [rejoice] Sunday when we light the 3rd Advent Candle [the purple one]gather together and say one decade of the rosary [one our Father, ten Hail Marys & one Glory be to the Father] while you think of the chat that Mary had with Angel Gabriel about her becoming a Mother at the age of 14 and her baby would be God.


Sunday 21st Dec 4th Sunday of Advent gather together again around a candle and say another 'decade,' this time thinking of Mary making the arduous journey, about 80 miles, to go and see her cousin Elizabeth who was also pregnant. Did Joseph who she was engaged to go with her; or her parents or did she go alone?


Christmas, gather around the crib and say a decade of the rosary thinking of the birth of Jesus and all it means to you.

N.B.If you don't have a crib there will at least be one of your Christmas cards that will portray a crib.

Have a joyous Advent, safe shopping and peaceful preparations. God bless Fr. G





Hi Everyone,

Hope you all keeping well and fighting fit for the last week or so of Lockdown. Time to count down the days now....hopefully we will come out of this level of safety precautions and move on towards a semblance of normality . Maybe even be able to share Christmas with our families. Wouldn't that be lovely !


This week we celebrate The Feast of Christ The King which brings to a close our liturgical year.

I started to play cards with all the family, around the dining table at home. I have never lost my love of cards.

The 52 Sundays of the year, like a full deck of playing cards, have been shuffled and dealt out - each with its own message. Today we hold the last of the 52 - The King of Hearts. And the gospel tells of his coming in glory at the end of time. The Lord will be escorted by his angels to bless those who have ministered to the hurting people of the world, for, by doing so, they have served their king.


Jesus is not the King of Clubs. He does not rule with ruthless force and power. The club is the extension of the fist, rather than the heart.


Jesus is not the King of Spades. For the Lord throws no dirt on others, nor does he need to cover his actions or bury his past. His reign is open for all to see and imitate.


Unlike some earthly rulers, Jesus is not the King of Diamonds desirous of wealth, glory and glitter. His glory comes from another world. " I am a King" he said to Pilate, "but my kingdom is not of this world"


As the four suits, like the four seasons, reflect the cycle of the year, it is encouraging to know that Jesus has chosen to be the " King of Hearts ". Jesus is as central to our lives as the heart is to the body.

"Learn of me," the King said "For I am meek and humble of heart"


If our hearts have been broken for whatever reason, know that His was broken for us. He is the wounded healer. Jesus the shepherd of lost sheep, saviour of sinners, teacher, lover and king of the world.


Today's gospel spells out the do's and don'ts of the Christian life. It explains how our entire salvation hinges on the manner in which we care for the less fortunate. It is another teaching of the necessity of helping others.


"Come, inherit the kingdom, for....I was hungry and thirsty...and you gave me something to eat and drink"


I was a stranger - and you welcomed me.


I was poor, without enough to clothe my family- and you provided something.


I was sick - and you had time for me.


I was treated unjustly, or in prison - and you tried to do something for me.


This is Christ's message for us and it is possible for all of us to imitate this way of life. And, it carries an everlasting promise. We have it on the word of the The King of Hearts himself !!!


Have a happy week. Be good and kind to others.....

Bye for now.

Fr G.



Sunday 15th November


Hello Everybody ! ( That makes me sound like Ewan the BBC Weather reporter ! )

Hope you are all ok and bearing up with our second Lockdown. Are you like me,less enthusiastic and more resigned and bored than the last one ? I think most of us, just want more than anything, to simply... " get back to normal. " Hopefully, this one will only be until 2nd December. I pray people will abide by the rules and ensure this will happen. Wonderful news we may have found a vaccine ready to be use early next year. Thank God for our talented Scientists !!!


With this new Lockdown our Churches are once again shut and closed for Services.There are no meetings or socialising and if this state of affairs continues does this mean there will be no " Church ?" So... the question arises " What is the Church ?


The early Christians never defined "The Church". They understood the words of Jesus that 'the kingdom heaven is here" as referring to him, Jesus, as encountered in his actions. These actions are continually going on,even now, through The Holy Spirit.-..... sent by God The Father, when Christ went back to him. Hence you might say : The Church is 'life' and the 'source of life'.


It is the interaction of love and peace which God and man are involved in. It is Christ, who became man, rose and lives. It is his spirit (The Holy Spirit) who dwells in the heart of people and breaks forth into loving, caring and peaceful activity The Church is, therefore, the coming of the Eternal into time and space; the appearing and manifestation of God's life and love.

Covid 19 is something evil that we cannot see,hear or feel. It has traveled throughout the world wreaking havoc and devastation. We only know it is there when we see or feel its effects. The Holy Spirit works much in the same way but he brings the opposite to evil. He brings love, peace, and caring. 'Where there is love there is God.. there is CHURCH. .


The Church lives on... in us and through us. Our lives are an example to others of what God intended for the human race.

A big responsibility.


Pope John Paul 2 when he visited our Archdiocese in 1982, told the young people he met " You are The Living Church "

I never forgot that message it was so powerful.


My prayers this week are that we here in St Peter's continue to be in the community " The living Church ".


May God bless you and all your family, your friends and neighbours !


Remember to smile at someone this week !


Here is a joke that Fr David sent me.. it made me laugh and smile... hopefully it will make you smile too !!!



Fr G



This Sunday is Remembrance Sunday and we had hoped to remember all those who had died in wars and pray for them at our Masses this week. Unfortunately, with the latest Lockdown in force that is not possible. Non- the- less I suggest that you use the video on our website, to gather the family together to pray for them all. Thanks to John and Carole Glynn for producing this video.


During November we also pray for all those who have died; we remember especially our own relations and friends. We often take the time to write out their names and put the list in a book that is displayed in church ( see photo). Masses are said for them throughout November. I will continue to say Mass privately for your intentions until Lockdown is ended.


Some Good News....This past week we finally got to celebrate our First Holy Communions. The Masses were truly beautiful and full credit to the children and their families. I especially want to offer a BIG THANK YOU to the Teaching staff and the Catechists for the wonderful preparation work they did many moons ago in helping the children understand this beautiful Sacrament. Their faith sharing, teaching and support was wonderful and inspiring for me when celebrating the Mass. The children looked lovely, were very reverent and, as always, sang beautifully. On Friday they were able to have a small " Breakfast meal together " . . Not quite the normal celebrations but in the circumstances it was great ! Chocolate all over their mouths !!!


Have a good week everyone. Please keep to the regulations and therefore stay safe.. Look after each other - check your neighbours and if possible keep in touch by phone / WhatsApp / handwaves in the street with as many people as possible.


Pray for each other and remember to smile !!!

Laughter and smiling are the greatest up lifters ever !!


God Bless you and your families.

Fr G.


Sunday 1st November is the feast of All Saints and Monday 2nd November is the feast of The Holy Souls. This year we are celebrating the two feasts together.

Our Mass today is being said for Don Cullen.

 Sunday - Marie Hulme ( successful operation ) .  Tuesday – Pious List


We all become Holy Souls as soon as we die. Then as we appear before the beauty and goodness of The Almighty God we will instinctively fall back , because the sins that we were involved in during our life on earth, will have sullied our own beauty as a person, and we will feel that we cannot share in the pure goodness of God and all he will have to offer us after our life on earth.

 As we stand there before our God, we know deep within us, that we want to be purified and be  rid of our earthly sins and this will  cause us intense inner suffering. It is not God who forces this feeling on us but our own burning desire to share the good life of God. We want to be good and pure. It is only then, when we are purified by God, that we will become saints.

I have just heard that the Prime Minister has closed all the churches. There seems to be an anti- religious bias in our parliament. You can go into shops for food for the body, you can go into school for food for the mind but you cannot go into church for food for the spirit.. MPs pay lip service to helping with mental health but close the very places that sustain it.


I was going to get in touch with the Cardinal and Archbishop but while writing this Blog I have just heard that all the bishops have protested against the closure of churches. Lets hope that Johnson has enough sense to listen and understand. We await his response.


Meanwhile, I will continue to say Mass in private for the intentions already requested.

Stay Safe yours in Christ, Fr G


Weekend 24th / 25th October 2020

Good morning Everyone, I hope you are all fit and well.


 In the Gospel today Jesus gives us two commandments : To Love God  totally and to Love Your Neighbour as yourself. So , remember, unless we love ourselves we cannot love others. Not self love as in being selfish or egoistic. Loving ourselves is about appreciating our talents, knowing we are unique, respecting all those talents and the goodness we  have within us. God loves us because he created us, so we love him in return.  He, also created every one else so we are his family; that is why we love our neighbour:- we are all ‘the Family of Man’ as one song of the 60’s put it.

We must understand that we cannot fly without wings, grow plants without roots and we cannot offer warmth to others if our fireplace is cold and empty. Where there is no love, put love and then,  only then, will you find love.

So, how do we show our love of God ?  Simply by living The Gospel !

When something in our body is painful be it a finger, heart, or hip, our  whole body is affected, and we don’t function properly…. so it is with the Mystical Body of Christ”.

 We love God, then in turn ,we will love each other.


 As the song goes “You can’t have one without the other

 Weekend 8th/ 9th October 2020


Hello Everyone,

Hope you all well. Unfortunately, this week I have been in hospital for a couple of nights. I had a slight hiccup. I had a small bleed on my brain but thankfully it has all been sorted and my medication changed to help thicken my blood.

The  good news is that I heard  that  the scan showed that, despite what people think, I do have a brain….!


In the second reading today, St Paul assures us that “There is nothing I cannot master with the help of the One who gives me strength “ 

 He believes that God is there for us in  the good and bad times of our lives. In other words we should always feel both his love and support throughout the whole of our lives.

 I know I certainly felt him with me this week in hospital just as much as I felt him  during the two weeks   I spent  in the sunshine in Spain with my family…. without a care in the world !


So this week remember……no matter what life hits you with  :


“Trust in The Lord – he is with you in both the good times and the bad “


“ Live each day to the full !”


I don’t have any photographs of me in hospital but here are a couple from Spain – please don’t be envious!     

With my niece, Rachel.
With my niece, Rachel.
Having a drink with his two nieces Rachel + Elizabeth
Having a drink with his two nieces Rachel + Elizabeth
The Family BBQ! :)
The Family BBQ! :)
Debating a ride 🤣
Debating a ride 🤣

2nd October 2020

Hello Everyone !

Greetings from the Presbytery !

I hope you are all well. It seems ages since I last saw you all or wrote here on my "Blog".

The reason being, that I have been away during September. I flew to Gibraltar and stayed with my two nieces and nephew who live in a forest in Andalucia in Southern Spain... nowhere near Madrid....Thank God !

It is a beautiful area - a village seeped in the past. People still ride their horses as a means of transport .

I stayed in the family bubble, relaxing in their swimming pool, reading, walking in the forest (with my mask on, as it is compulsory to wear one outdoors in Spain ) and of course having the odd glass or two of vino - very civilised !

It was good to spend time with my family and enjoy the sunshine.


Unfortunately, as a result of being in Spain I have had to self isolate on return. Luckily for St Peter's, I have good Priest friends who have covered for me. A big Thank You to Fr Reynolds and Fr Griffin for helping us out.


Sadly whilst I was away, four lovely members of our Parish died.... Carol Banks, her sister Yvonne Wareing,Joseph Jones and Angela Bradley.

I was really sorry not to be there to support their families. May they rest in peace.


It is good so many of you have now returned to weekly Mass. A testing time for our faith and we all need to continue to be strong, patient, and keep praying. Prayer is so powerful. We must also continue to support each other in both our prayers and practical support. Please continue to be aware of your neighbours' needs, and, as always, "Thank You" for your generosity to our local food banks. May I also "Thank You" for your continued support of the parish finances through your Offertory Collection and direct debits etc.


Meanwhile, I will be busy catching up on admin, hopefully speaking on the phone to our sick parishioners during the week, and of course, continue my work in the garden. Benches to paint, roses to prune, weeds to pull up and of course tend to my resting in a drawer upstairs with bananas and a few ripe tomatoes...hoping to finally ripen so we can make basil and tomato sauce....hope you are all suitably impressed !!!


May God Bless each one of you and your families and may he keep them all safe.


God Bless.


Fr G.




I wish to extend a big thankyou to the Hawley brothers for their work this week in the Memorial garden. They weeded all the rose beds and then cleaned and retreated all the pavement area. A MAMMOTH TASK. THANK YOU FRANK AND TONY .

Fr Gildea.






Fr Gildea is keeping in touch with parishioners, especially checking on those who are sick.

Getting ready for the first parish party.

The tables and many of the chairs have been painted.

The hanging baskets, grown from seed , in the garden by beginner

are looking good.


Fr Gildea has been mending the garden chair in memory of Deacon Tom Washington.

He has given the benches in the Memorial Garden a smart coat of paint

Fr Gildea is confident that we will get through this unprecedented world event, that we are all going through, so he is keeping the garden tidy. 

Fr Gildea is painting the fences and  the garden benches ready for our first parish barbeque and tea and cakes on the lawn in the summer. 

Hello Everyone again !


Hope you all doing ok and not fallen out yet with each other at home !

For those living on your own....I especially think of you and remember you in my prayers.

It is lovely to have the warm weather and sunshine enabling us to go out into our gardens... the sun energises me, makes me want to do things.....

The fences are coming along nicely and will be ready for our tea/cakes on the lawn after Mass and of course our first Parish BBQ celebrating the end of these past weeks and awful period. It will end and hopefullysociety will be better for it. Have faith!

 Don’t forget to go out at 8pm on Thursday night to show our love and appreciation  of all those people  who are  looking  after our sick and elderly   people!    Heroes   one  and  all.  May  God  bless   them   for their dedication and bravery.  I will change the Mass of The Last Supper to 7pm so afterwards I will be able to join in with everybody  outside,


clapping with appreciation .



4th April 2020

Hello Everyone,

Greetings from St Peter’s!

Hope you are all keeping safe and well.

It is a difficult time for us all … many of us away from family and friends and for some -  work !

Let’s hope and pray that it will all soon be over and not too many lives lost.

I have been able to say Mass each day and have remembered you all during them. In particular I have thanked God for our wonderful, dedicated and brave NHS workers and ALL who work in our hospitals in so many capacities. It was wonderful to hear so many people clapping on Thursday night in appreciation of their work to end this terrible virus. May God reward them AND their families who share their worry and fear.


It is very quiet around the house but on occasions I have been able to shout “hello” to people over the fence. I have equally met many of you on my daily walks… important to keep up our physical health!  For those of you who can’t get out and about, I recommend stretching of leg/arm muscles with walking around the house / garden if possible. Thank’s to so many of you who have also rung me up or dropped a note in to check I am ok and, “Do I need any shopping ?”…. very kind of you all.

Father Gildea