I wish to extend a big thankyou to the Hawley brothers for their work this week in the Memorial garden. They weeded all the rose beds and then cleaned and retreated all the pavement area. A MAMMOTH TASK. THANK YOU FRANK AND TONY .

Fr Gildea.






Fr Gildea is keeping in touch with parishioners, especially checking on those who are sick.

Getting ready for the first parish party.

The tables and many of the chairs have been painted.

The hanging baskets, grown from seed , in the garden by beginner

are looking good.


Fr Gildea has been mending the garden chair in memory of Deacon Tom Washington.

He has given the benches in the Memorial Garden a smart coat of paint

Fr Gildea is confident that we will get through this unprecedented world event, that we are all going through, so he is keeping the garden tidy. 

Fr Gildea is painting the fences and  the garden benches ready for our first parish barbeque and tea and cakes on the lawn in the summer. 

Hello Everyone again !


Hope you all doing ok and not fallen out yet with each other at home !

For those living on your own....I especially think of you and remember you in my prayers.

It is lovely to have the warm weather and sunshine enabling us to go out into our gardens... the sun energises me, makes me want to do things.....

The fences are coming along nicely and will be ready for our tea/cakes on the lawn after Mass and of course our first Parish BBQ celebrating the end of these past weeks and awful period. It will end and hopefullysociety will be better for it. Have faith!

 Don’t forget to go out at 8pm on Thursday night to show our love and appreciation  of all those people  who are  looking  after our sick and elderly   people!    Heroes   one  and  all.  May  God  bless   them   for their dedication and bravery.  I will change the Mass of The Last Supper to 7pm so afterwards I will be able to join in with everybody  outside,


clapping with appreciation .



4th April 2020

Hello Everyone,

Greetings from St Peter’s!

Hope you are all keeping safe and well.

It is a difficult time for us all … many of us away from family and friends and for some -  work !

Let’s hope and pray that it will all soon be over and not too many lives lost.

I have been able to say Mass each day and have remembered you all during them. In particular I have thanked God for our wonderful, dedicated and brave NHS workers and ALL who work in our hospitals in so many capacities. It was wonderful to hear so many people clapping on Thursday night in appreciation of their work to end this terrible virus. May God reward them AND their families who share their worry and fear.


It is very quiet around the house but on occasions I have been able to shout “hello” to people over the fence. I have equally met many of you on my daily walks… important to keep up our physical health!  For those of you who can’t get out and about, I recommend stretching of leg/arm muscles with walking around the house / garden if possible. Thank’s to so many of you who have also rung me up or dropped a note in to check I am ok and, “Do I need any shopping ?”…. very kind of you all.

Father Gildea