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Our Prayers

After what has been a bizarre/interesting/long/community building/joyful/family filled (take your choice) year. Feel free to leave your prayers below.


If you have something/someone/some group you would like to pray for or be thankful for please could you write it below. Don’t worry if your not sure how - you can even just jot it down and I will include of them in our prayers and share them.

Comment your prayers below!

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    Anna Piotrowska (Friday, 02 July 2021 23:11)

    Hi, my mum isn't feeling too well at the moment. I'm sure she'd really appreciate it if you could pray for her to make a speedy recovery. Her name is Rosina Turco. She hasn't been able to come to church much since Covid although she regularly reads the weekly bulletin she misses it terribly. Thank you, Anna

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    Alice Froggatt (Sunday, 21 February 2021 14:03)

    Keith is on the mend and I wish to thank you all for your lovely messages asking how he was and not forgetting all your wonderful prayers! For this I am so thankful! God brought him home to us! Thank you also to Our Lady of Lourdes for her intersession to her blessed Son. �������

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    Selena (Thursday, 18 February 2021 13:21)

    Our Ash Wednesday service was beautiful inspirational and moving,

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    Selena (Friday, 05 February 2021 12:50)

    Another lovely prayer meeting last night,led by Sandra, so good to see so many joining us again

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    Selena (Thursday, 28 January 2021 21:53)

    I try to say this every morning.
    I adore the wounds in your Sacred Head, with sorrow deep and true,may every thought of mine today, be an act of love for you.
    I adore the wounds in your Sacred Hands with sorrow deep and true,may every work of my hands today be an act of love for you.
    I adore the wounds in your Sacred Heart with sorrow deep and true,
    May every beat of my heart today be an act of love for you.

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    Margaret Harrison (Thursday, 28 January 2021 21:18)

    Just to say a big thank you for our lovely prayer groups meetings so far. If you haven't joined in yet give it a try. Take care everyone. Thoughts and prayers for our community at this difficult time.

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    Alice Froggatt (Monday, 25 January 2021 15:30)

    Please pray for my husband Keith who suffered a heart attack yesterday. He is in Broadgreen Hospital. Our Lady of Lourdes pray for him Amen

Below are the dates of our group meetings and the leads for that date.

If you would like to lead a week please comment below, get in touch with Katy or email; sspamcoffee@gmail.com

Date Prayer Leader
08/07 Mary Hallam

Each Week we will Pray as a community. Below are some resources used during our group to aid in thinking and reflection. Please feel free to download and use these as you wish.

Habakkuk 3:17-19

Notes used for reflection when praying around - 'Where is God in a Pandemic' (21/01/21)

The passage read out (Habakkuk) and the song used to aid in praise. 'Raise a Hallelujah'