Emma has been busy making herself a wonderful, colourful skirt from an old pair of curtains!

How fantastic! What an amazing talent to have!

We can't wait to see what you make next time!

At St Peter's Primary School the children of Key Workers, who are still attending school, have been hard at work being creative by making items, such as bunting and hats, for their VE Day party on Thursday! 

We hope you all have an amazing party! Everything looks fantastic!


 And the creativity doesn't stop there! The staff at our school have been making music videos!


Check them all out and keep up to date with what is happening at St Peter's by clicking the button!

This amazing Wild Flower Meadow watercolour painting was done by Sue Wilson. 


Sue say's, "I have joined a site on line ‘Art in Isolation’ and we are given themes e.g. Wild so I did a Wild Flower Meadow in watercolour. Hope you like this one."  




These wonderful hats are 'Scrub Hats' and are being made to be sent off to our local hospitals as part of the 'For the love of Scrub's' movement.


These were made by Christine and Emma Lowrey who both say "it has been a steep learning curve and given us new skills, but we have enjoyed making them together!". 





Joanne has made some colourful crochet rainbows 🌈 !!

Joanne has been hard at work making her own decking and fence panels! She has painted it all and it looks amazing! 


Izzy has been hard at work painting her stones to decorate the garden! The sun may not always be out but their garden is sure going to be always bright!


They look fantastic!