Prayer & Worship Group

Come, listen, see and share!

Every Thursday at 7:30pm there will be our prayer & worship group!

This will be happening on Zoom! Please feel free to join us! It will last around 30 minutes and we will have the chance to worship as a community! 

Pave The Way To Easter!

Let us share our Lenten Journey!

This year for Lent lets delve deeper and reconnect with the Gospel and our own Faith. Why not take some time to relax, grab a stone and decorate it with your own feelings or in relation to the weekly readings?

At the end we will collect these all in and create a display of our Community Lenten Journey!


Ash Wednesday Service

Join us for a Virtual Ash Wednesday Service!

Wednesday 17th February at 7:30pm!

This will be happening on Zoom! Please feel free to join us!

Stations of the Cross

Join us for at the start of this lent!

Thursday 18th February at 7:30pm!

This will be happening on Zoom! Please feel free to join us! We will be going through the stations of the cross to help us start our reflection this Lenten season.

SYNOD 2020


We want to hear your opinions on the proposals and affirmations about the future of our church!!

Join us to chat about all things SYNOD. Each week starting on Wednesday 18th November 2020 we are going to tackle each of the SYNOD's themes and give our own opinions on how best to move forward as a Church.

Creative Community

We are introducing our Creative Community Space!!

Join our creative community! We want to see your creative projects from home DIY to your new crafty creations!

Click on the button below to find out more and see our creations!

Coffee Club (This now happens after our Prayer Group)

We have all done something we can talk about, surely?

Come and talk to us! We want to see you and have a good ol' catch up! As we cannot meet it would be lovely to see you. 

Bake Off

Ready, Set, Bake

Well done to all our amazing bakers who took part there were some fantastic bakes! 

Have a look at all the brilliant cakes and our winner!

'I Spy'

Want to play a family favourite? With no one asking 'are we there yet'? 

Want to mix up your daily walks? 

Join us in a classic, isolation-friendly,  game of 'I Spy'.

See all the rules of the game and how to get involved by clicking the button below!

Good Luck!

Our Songs

You don't always need silence to pray or think.

Songs can mean so much to us and some of these have been chosen by members of parish and below is their reason for choosing their song. You can listen to the full playlist or read the meanings behind the songs.

If you would like to recommend a song please use the form on the page to let us all know!